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The marketing method I’m about to share with you always seems to elicit a lot of emotional responses. A lot of people hate it and bad mouth it, but guess what? I don’t care. Why? Because it makes money and it gets results. You should track all of your marketing methods and if they’re working keep doing them and if they don’t, then obviously stop.

I’m pretty much willing to bet that anybody who doesn’t like this method has never used it (the most likely reason) or has never gotten a deal from it because they don’t know what they’re doing (I’ll show you the perfect plan.) So what method am I talking about?

Here’s a blurb from an email I received last week, from one of my partners…

“Over the past week I have been putting out my new signs, I attached a pic of it, check it out. So far the signs have been pulling an excellent amount of calls. I’m getting an overwhelming response. For example, I put out 50 signs last night in high traffic areas and just today I got 11 calls.”


Real Estate Marketing Strategy 101I can recall vividly my momma yelling at me, “Think before you act, child!” As adults, we too often forget momma’s sage advice. As business people, we are often even worse.

I certainly understand the tendency to act on the first impulse, to do the first thing that will grow the business, put cash in the bank, create a new partnership,whatever. But sometimes, we act too quickly, making rash decisions that hinder us down the road.

Your marketing “bible”

To avoid making quick-but-detrimental decisions in your marketing, you need a plan. A good marketing plan is your “bible” – the document that guides you, keeping your decisions on track with your larger strategic goals. It’s the document that will make it easy to project a consistent brand in every media. It will make integrating your strategy online and offline a smooth, effective process.

But how to create said marketing plan? I’m glad you asked. . .

Step 1: Know your customers

Your first step to developing an effective marketing plan is to “get to know” your customers. Ask, and answer, these questions: