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In real estate there seems to be a culture of do-it-yourself. There is a swagger amongst investors who will tell you they can do almost everything and anything in no time at all. Now, I’m sure you could learn how to be a lawyer at the public library but I think formal training might be of some value.

You can’t be all thing or all people in real estate. In the next few weeks I will write a post about forming a Master Mind Group but for now I want to give a special plug to wholesalers. I want to both convince investors to work with wholesalers (specifically rehabbers) and I want to help wholesalers add value to their services. The first step to any business is to learn the business and the next is to learn what you should delegate to others.

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Wholesalers Closer

There is another cultural norm in real estate: if you can be cut out of a deal you will be. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen wholesalers, realtors, and mortgage brokers cut out of deals after performing significant services for which they were never paid. This is one reality that makes it very difficult for wholesalers to provide their best services. They have to spend almost as much time securing their position as they doing trying to get the deal done. Wholesalers don’t have the protections that realtors have. They’re actually a pretty skittish bunch. Cultivating a relationship of trust with your wholesaler will ensure they can give you the best service and increases the chance that you’ll get more good deals coming your way. The wholesaler/buyer team is much like a marriage. It can’t work very well if there isn’t trust or if only one partner is working on the relationship. In fact, I know many would-be wholesalers that leave the business because they bust the humps to find deals but then can’t find reliable end buyers. That is just a crying shame considering how rare the good deals. Help your wholesaler help you.