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Many people ask me what it’s like to own a mobile home park. They expect stories of exciting shoot-outs, drugged-out topless dancers bashing in windows with baseball bats and Jeff Foxworthy humor. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

I, myself, thought that would be the normal agenda when I bought my first park. The first thing I did during due diligence was to get a concealed handgun license. I was certain that my role would be that of Wyatt Earp in cleaning up trailer town. But again, a day in the gun class and the shooting test were all wasted. It’s just not like that.

“Well, then how is it?” you’re asking. The answer: boring. Really boring. Here’s why.


In a typical mobile home park, the phone might ring once per month for a lot for rent (normally an RV) – that’s the whole sales side of the thing. The yellow page ad comes up once a year, so that kind of handles marketing. I show up in court to evict someone every once in a while. But that’s about as much action as I get.


One of the great advantages of buying mobile home parks is the ready supply of seller financing. No other form of real estate investment offers as much seller carry, and at as favorable terms — with most of these loans being non-recourse and at below-market interest rates.

So how do you get a seller to finance the mobile home park?

One of the first strategies is to “bond” with the seller. A seller will not offer financing if he is not comfortable with the buyer and their ability to make a success of the park. If they are not feeling good about the buyer, then how can they lock up their investment and their future with them? Clearly, before there can be seller financing, there has to be a period in which the seller gets to know the buyer and develops confidence in their abilities.