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If you really want to make six-figures in this business you’re going to need partners so you can leverage your time. Well, last week I wrote about one of my partners and how we’re getting ready to hopefully close a huge wholesale deal. So, this week I want to tell you how I go about selecting my partners.

Right now I have only a few partners who I work with and trust. And even through I trust these people, the first rule of partnering is to always do it on a per deal basis. I would never form an LLC with someone, or make them an “official” partner in your business. You want to partner with them one deal at a time, that way if anything goes wrong you’ve learned your lesson and you never have to work with them again.

When I first found my partners, most of them ended up approaching me about partnering. But it doesn’t matter if you approach someone, or they come up to you, the selection criteria will remain the same. You could approach a person because they have the money and you have a hot deal which requires money… or they could approach you because they want you to put up the money.

Anyway, here’s how I evaluate a real estate partner: