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Sometimes your best real estate deal may be the one you don’t make. As realDSC00838 estate investors we are always looking for the next “perfect” opportunity. You look around and see potential everywhere and are afraid of missing out. If you aren’t careful it can lead to a fatal case of gotta-do-a-deal-itis.

In your quest to stay in the game you may convince yourself that a marginal deal is one worthy of your attention. Even worse, you may find yourself ignoring warning signs about the potential investment or the market as a whole. When you are knee-deep in the investment world it isn’t always easy to remain objective but your long-term survival depends on it.

Case in Point

A couple of years ago I was offered the opportunity to partner on a rehab deal. Another investor had found what seemed like a great opportunity but was short on cash. I had cash looking for an opportunity so I looked at the deal. It was an REO (foreclosure) in a blue-collar section of Las Vegas. It was an area that had reasonable demand and there was enough of a profit margin in the deal to make it attractive. I was in and we moved ahead with the plan.