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FlockOne of the biggest complaints I hear about Social Networking is that it takes up too much time. Last week I posted a blog called, “Are You Wasting Time With Social Networking For Real Estate” . The focus was to point out key factors within your social networking habits that may be a waste of your time and how you can be more productive with it by building genuine relationships.

In this Vlog Post (Video Blog) I’d like to focus on helping you save more time with social networking, while continuing to be more productive in your business and building those relationships.

Watch the video below and see 6 Key benefits to using this Social Web Browser for your business. The name of this social web browser is called Flock:

Flock focuses on the key areas of social networking, such as:


Social NetworkingThere are some Real Estate Investors & Entrepreneurs alike who are wasting their time with Social Networking.

What they’re doing is pointless, annoying, and it needs to stop.

Thousands and thousands of investors have caught onto Web 2.0 Social Networking/Social Media. But Why… What’s the Point?  Even people who have tried it, tend to fall off quickly…

I finally understand why…

You sign up for one of these social networking sites, you create a profile, try to make a bunch of friends… now what? Is that all to it? Are we competing to see who has the most friends or what?

It’s Not About Having The Most Friends

Some people don’t understand the power of Social Networking and they tend to write it off as a waste of time… or something for kids.

If you want to make the most out of your Social Networking, then follow the tips below.