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networking meetingAre you hiding behind your computer or are you out there? Lately there have been a number of articles touting the benefits of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and, yes, BiggerPockets. While those sites can be a great benefit to your business, they are no substitute for being ‘out there.’

I’ve written articles before touting the benefits of networking (article) but thought that it was time to revisit the subject. The holiday season is fast approaching and that will give you many opportunities to network. However, many people view networking as a chore, but it doesn’t have to be.


TwitterI’ve been on Twitter for a couple months now, and some fishy things have finally started to make sense:

Fishy thing #1: People would “un-follow” me and then “follow” me back a few days later.  Did they hate my tweets one day and love them the next?

Fishy thing #2: Really weird Tweets, some from really weird profiles – for example:

What Not to Do on Twitter

And some really weird tweets from legitimate sounding folks I thought I might like to network with – like the female real estate agent in New Hampshire who tweeted about – um, “male enlargement” pills.

Fishy thing #3: Well, not so fishy, really – since Ponzi devised his first scheme, people have been looking to game the system.  So “Get Thousands of Twitter Followers a Day – Just $55” services shouldn’t be a big surprise.

Does a Large Twitter Following Equate to Success?

What I’ve begun to realize is that many people mistakenly believe that having thousands of Twitter followers equals success.  Some fellow Twitterers and I had a discussion a few weeks back on this topic.  About game-the-system techniques like auto follow/unfollow and auto tweeting, one Twitterer asked, “Does it really work?”


As a real estate investor or professional, you should know by now that Social Media is here to stay.  You don’t absolutely need to implement Social Media to be successful in this business, but why start a fire by rubbing two sticks when you can use a matchbook and can of gasoline?

Social Media for Real Estate

I’m going to cover just one of the many ways that you can use Social Media to bolster your Real Estate business.  And I’ll focus on…

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...Twitter is a great micro-blogging network that allows you to interact with people of all types.  I personally think of Twitter as a large party gathering where there are a plethora of conversations occurring at once and your welcome to butt in and join or you may just sit back, sip your patron, and take it all in while observing closely.

However you look at it, Twitter can be utilized as a great asset for your business. But I wouldn’t encourage you to just blast your listings, open houses, etcetera. If you do that, nobody will care.  Instead I would encourage you to engage in the Twitter community and contribute to it.  When you start contributing, you’ll be surprised what you get in return.  As not only will the leads eventually come, but you will also gain a substantial amount of insight as you stay abreast of real-time tweets.

Tweet vs. Time

To be effective at utilizing Twitter and any other Social Media platforms, you will need to dedicate time to make it worth your while.  Since there is no set-and-forget solution to Social Media, there is no getting around this fact.

11 closes announced on their blog today that they would be closing the doors on their real estate social network as of September 30, 2009, including their forums, blogs, profiles, and groups. Citing a “plague of vicious spammers,” and a “failure to attain a viable revenue model”, the company explained that they will be transforming the site into a multi-author blog site for the real estate industry.

Unfortunately, our vision to provide a free high traffic real estate social networking solution for industry professionals has attracted the wrong crowd.

Basically, it is a full-time job managing and developing a multi-user blogging platform that is constantly plagued with vicious spammers.

While we have done our absolute best over the past three years to provide our members with a powerful online presence for free, we have ultimately failed at integrating a viable revenue model that will support the evolving demands industry professionals need with online technology.

After weighing the options of either charging for blogs, selling more advertising, or exploring affiliate marketing relationships, we’ve decided to simplify things by moving our few real members to one multi-contributor blogging platform.

Sadly, WannaNetwork isn’t the only site plagued with an overrun of spam. I’m starting to see many of the other major and minor social networks suffer from this as well.


find-buyers-on-internetThis past week, one of my new clients asked me the following:  “Peter, my entire business is focused on flipping houses, mostly to real estate investors.  To tell you the truth, I don’t see how the internet is going to help my business?”

Here’s my answer to him and to anyone else:

The internet is a goldmine for such a business.  Consider this . . . If you are a real estate wholesaler or flipper, then your main sources of end buyers are other investors including rehabbers.

Where could you find other investors and rehabers on the internet?

There are many sources for that, but today I would like to talk to you about one source, social media.  In fact, BiggerPockets is one website where you can find thousands of other real estate investors who are looking for what you have to offer.  Few other websites including Facebook and Twitter offer the same opportunities.


Social NetworkingThere are some Real Estate Investors & Entrepreneurs alike who are wasting their time with Social Networking.

What they’re doing is pointless, annoying, and it needs to stop.

Thousands and thousands of investors have caught onto Web 2.0 Social Networking/Social Media. But Why… What’s the Point?  Even people who have tried it, tend to fall off quickly…

I finally understand why…

You sign up for one of these social networking sites, you create a profile, try to make a bunch of friends… now what? Is that all to it? Are we competing to see who has the most friends or what?

It’s Not About Having The Most Friends

Some people don’t understand the power of Social Networking and they tend to write it off as a waste of time… or something for kids.

If you want to make the most out of your Social Networking, then follow the tips below.


Using assistants to help you with your business is an incredible idea. Instead of putting your efforts into the mundane, day to day tasks, you can spend your time on the important things. Many of the gurus are promoting using virtual assistants for everything in real estate these days, but before doing so, proceed carefully.

Virtual Assistants and Social Media Marketing: A Match Made in Heaven or Hell?

One area of business that people are off-shoring to virtual assistants more often then not, is in social media marketing. I’ll contend that using any kind of virtual assistant for your social media marketing strategy is a risky move.

Of course you want to know why, right?

I was just clicking around the BiggerPockets forums and came upon a few posts from a well known national speaker, who is generally well respected. Of course, I was interested in seeing what they had to say, so I read through their contributions. What I read were posts that were poorly composed and full of grammatical errors. These posts added no value to the discussion, and in fact, were merely a distraction.


Chicken LittleHave you caught yourself lately thinking, “The sky is falling!”?  I sure have.  Against my own better judgment, I find myself compelled to make decisions that are based on fear, which is no way to make decisions (no matter how rational that fear may be).

Yet as scary as the real estate market and economy are right now, they won’t be scary for ever, and now is the time to make smart decisions based on sound judgment and good business sense.  Not on fear that the sky is falling.  You can counter your Chicken Little tendencies with these 5 easy, smart marketing moves.  Moves you can make today to build your real estate business without breaking the bank.

Smart Marketing Move #1: Put yourself in your clients’ shoes

Imagine your clients asking you, “What’s in it for me?”  The fact is that your prospects don’t care what you can do; they care what you can do for them.  When you pitch your prospects, always answer ­– before they even ask – how you will help them achieve their dreams or solve their problems.


The real estate business, like all other businesses, is about relationships. To succeed, one must be able to forge and foster relationships. Social networks are great places to meet new people to accomplish that end.

Just connecting on a social network doesn’t mean that you’ve created a relationship with someone. It takes time, energy, effort, and follow-up, amongst other things, to establish a rapport and gain the trust of the other party.