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Announcing the BiggerPockets Hard Money Lenders Directory

Our members have for years been asking for referrals on where to get hard money loans.  We thought that it would be best that we create a directory of these hard money lenders and set out to create one with the most comprehensive and complete profiles out there.

Announcing the New BiggerPockets Hard Money Lenders Directory!

In our typical fashion, we've created a product that is not only beneficial for the end consumer (our real estate investors), but also for the lenders.

With our built in audience on BiggerPockets of 60,000+ members and nearing 200,000 monthly unique visitors, the directory is an incredible place for lenders to promote their business and legitimze themselves to the most active community of real estate investors that can be found anywhere. 

"BiggerPockets has been an awesome forum for our company.  BP’s addition of the hard money lender database adds to its long list of resources for professional real estate investors nationwide and is an incredible and much needed marketing tool for lenders that work directly with investors.

As a hard money lender, there are plenty of lists we can pay to be on.  However, none ask for license information, referrals, and Better Businesses Bureau ratings. And many don’t distinguish the types of loans we do properly.  

I truly appreciate the opportunity to prove our professionalism, funding capability, and share references to the largest network of professional real estate investors. Thank you BiggerPockets for taking a leap and creating another first." 
- Aaron Norris of The Norris Group

Raising the Bar with Lender Details

While most other directories merely list lenders and how to contact them, we've gone and raised the bar.

As you can see from the first listing (image below) on the directory from our friends at The Norris Group, there's a ton of great information for consumers to use to evaluate different lenders, and for lenders to promote about their businesses. Each lender will get its own profile page, and will be listed on our state by state index and in our alphabetical list of lenders.




Here are some of the information you can find on a lender profile:

- Contact information, address and company website

- Social profile links  (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

- Lending areas

- Loan Range

- Max LTV

- Types of Loans

- Average # of loans funded

- Detailed description of loans and offerings

- BBB rating and link to BBB profile

- Licensing & Memberships

- One of my favorite features is the ability for a lender to post references from Title/Escrow companies to legitimize their businesses.   By posting these references, a lender can essentially "proof up" that they are actually doing the kind of business that they claim.  BiggerPockets will review and verify all references before they are posted to try ensure their accuracy, but as you can see below, users can contact references in doing their own due diligence.  Lenders can post as many references as they want to enhance their profiles.



Lender profile are also optimized, and will prove to be helpful in getting your company visibility outside of BiggerPockets.  As an authority site in the niche, links from BiggerPockets to your hard money loan company's website wil help you gain authority and should help improve your search engine results. 

We will be promoting this directory to our weekly newsletter audience of 37,000+ and will continue to work to ensure that those companies listed are promoted through our available social channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

INVESTORS: If you work with any hard money lenders, please encourage them to join the directory and help enhance their visibility.

HARD MONEY LENDERS: For a limited time, we are opening the doors for a 3 month $50/month trial. Thereafter, it will be $100 per month sign up today before rates climb to the going rate of $100/month.

Any Questions?

Feel free to ask below, PM me, or contact us via email.

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  1. Tiny 1403303348 avatar tafranzen

    Hello! Does anyone know of an investor or hard money guy in Chicago area? I really appreciate it. Todd

  2. Tiny 1491858518 avatar biggerpo

    Thanks Curtis. The reason we made these profiles so comprehensive is so our users can better screen these lenders. Kim - Hopefully we get a few to jump on soon. If you've got any that you currently use, make sure to let them know to get signed up. Here's an update: We locked in our first handful of lenders in the first week, have several more pending, and expect to continue to roll forward in the weeks ahead. We're also quickly climbing the charts for important search terms related to the directory. I'm very pleased with how things are progressing with the directory so far.

  3. Tiny 1425595903 avatar kimh

    this is great! can't wait to see some lenders in PA pop up. I need some new contacts.

  4. Tiny 1399406416 avatar cgabhart

    The norris group is a great company. I've gotten about 5 loaned this last year with them and they've done what they've said every time. Bruce also is the best educator out there. This is a great addition to the site. You have to be SO careful when working with a lender because many times they are the key to the deal.

  5. Tiny 1491858518 avatar biggerpo

    Aaron - Thanks for the testimonial and for explaining one of the perks that I thought stood out for itself, the SEO benefits of being listed in the hard money directory. I can see from the analytics that you guys are already getting a lot of eyeballs; it is only going to get better! Charles - We're working on it. Many lenders aren't familiar with BiggerPockets for some reason, but we're going to make that change very quickly.

  6. Tiny 1448397352 avatar bryanhancock

    Great! I'll check out the listings to see what is listed.

  7. No avatar

    Wow, looks like this will be a very useful resource. I suspect that a number of companies will want to be a part of the directory. Thanks for making this happen.

  8. Tiny 1398868928 avatar norris group

    Thanks again Josh for putting this together. Just an added note about SEO for those fellow marketing nerds. It's very difficult to get in front of the right crowds even with SEM advertising. Link backs from a well-established site like BP really helps on the SEO front. It's one of the reasons I was very excited about this new database.