Posted over 3 years ago

Top 10 reasons why you know you lost in negotiations

10.  Your counter party congratulates you on a deal well negotiated.

9. You gave your counter party a deposit before you were done negotiating.

8. You didn't have to escalate negotiations to deal just with the 'bad cop' counter party.

7.  You didn't spend 7 straight hours negotiating until the counter party finally made a mistake.

6.  You did not always put the pressure back on the counter party.

5.  You tried to monetize the free pen you left with.

4.  You calculated your efforts to be a net loss since you bought everyone the donuts and coffee.

3.  You think being the most economical market solution results in a stronger position. 

2. You raised your voice.

drum rolllllll 

and the #1 reason why you know you LOST in negotiations is...

You started celebrating before it was over!

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  1. Tiny 1452015100 avatar mrwilliams357

    nice insight, follow-through is a living action, not a cold call right?