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Top Ten reasons you should be using Bigger Pockets daily

10. Discovering the BP Podcasts this late in the game could result in 100 plus straight hours of the Josh & Brandon show, which is a lot heavier than the Orange is the new Black bender you dodged sleep for.

9.  Building relationships with the new innovators of re investing doesn't happen over night.  

8. Tasty morsels of new ideas emerge from the spontaneous dialog of question and answer.

7. New users in your area are looking to network and build relationships.

6. There isn't a more targeted audience for helping attain RE success at a local level.

5. Spending a few minutes giving guidance helps you tune into your largest goals, and boosts your energy level in attaining them.

4.  Identifying common themes helps bring perspective to new ideas

3. Verbalizing your goals amongst a supportive community results in accountability and drives motivation

2. You're a believer in actively being a part of passive income sources, developing personally and professionally, and want to be successful in the field of real estate investing.

.......................drums rolling..................

and the #1 reason you should be using Bigger Pockets daily is

So you gotta go out, and get 'yo self some bigger pockets!  

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  1. Tiny 1399790667 avatar alexhancock

    @Mark Updegraff I can attest that #10 is a real concern!

  2. Tiny 1399708819 avatar dhansen

    I'm a big fan of #6! Your interview with Josh back in the day was how I found you. Look forward to closing property #3 with you soon :)

  3. Tiny 1407015366 avatar realsupermarket

    Great Post! I visit BP to knowledge and leverage 'other people's experience'  

  4. Tiny 1405461190 avatar retireonincome

    Great post!!  I am new to BP so this was helpful.  

  5. Tiny 1399700241 avatar terry evans

    Great, I am going to add this to my morning routine along with my RE current events!

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Tiny 1452015100 avatar mrwilliams357

    excellent reasons for why continuing education (which this is) is pertinent to finding business solutions. This is an idea marketplace, truly.

  7. Tiny 1448398278 avatar fischem

    Great article!  I can attest that a few minutes each day on BP reaps big rewards and relationships.  I'm one-post-a-day'ing my way to 500 posts...

  8. Tiny 1401468445 avatar bayislandsaver

    Pre-downloaded BP Podcasts are my go-to for those long cross-country flights.  I find myself always jotting down much useful info.  Entertaining to boot!

  9. Tiny 1404776139 avatar lorikeepsitreal

    Awesome! You made every valid point,and number one is head on because small pockets isn't

  10. Tiny 1491858518 avatar biggerpo

    I'm a big fan of #1.  Well done!