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Facebook,Twitter,& LinkedIn The Keys To Supercharging Your Real Estate Investing


If 2013 proves to be the year most of us are hoping it will in Michigan residential real estate investing

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    So, I found a deal, a house for $59,990 and my question is the arv is $100,000, so has this price already been wholesaled or not? From my calculations, I should offer him $40,000 for it but if it has already been wholesaled, Im at a lost. Alot of the deals i've been seeing, have been offered at the wholesale price already??? pls. advise

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    That's great, Dylan Tanaka. I'm glad to hear that you've been finding success with the site.

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    Thanks for reminding me Josh. I've met a lot of local investors (Metro Detroit) because of the community Bigger Pockets has created. Anyone who's looking to learn how to be a more profitable=happy investor, needs to spend some serious time utilizing and implementing whats offered to us here on

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    Dylan - Good post . . . you just forgot to include the largest network dedicated to real estate investors --