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Homes in Prior Lake - Travis Senenfelder

Lakeside property is definitely not hard to come by when looking in Prior Lake. As its name suggests, between Prior Lake and Spring Lake, there is over two and a half square miles of water in the city. This means that outdoor lake activities and lakeside homes are a common occurrence in the city. The city offers a unique blend of natural beauty and Twin Cities suburban living. With the lakes and the natural surroundings it is easy to see the breathtaking beauty and natural landscapes. And based on its location, when you buy a home in Prior Lake, you are close to just about everywhere you need to be!

Now Prior Lake is only the way it is today because of its rich history. Prior Lakes was originally a resort area in the 1850's. When the beauty of the area caught on and word traveled, the place soon became a hit destination. People were building and buying lake homes and cabins, vacation homes, and resort spots. But once the popularity grew so large, they started adding in residential areas in the city. This, or course, caused a huge boom in the Prior Lake economy allowing for more than just residential area. Commercial buildings, shoppes and restaurants were added to the area now as well. But while all this is happening , the city still wanted to hang onto the natural beauty of the area, after all it did begin as a resort destination. So to this day, the city although well populated and modernized, still holds onto the natural beauty and serenity that made the city popular to begin with. 

There is definitely more to Prior Lake than just the lake and a rich history. There is approximately 1,000 acres of park land and recreational fields to be found in the city. This allows for huge opportunities when it comes to outdoor recreational activity. And aside from the parks, Prior Lake is known for having some truly amazing real estate. Some of the Twin Cities most luxurious homes can be found scattered around the lake. And if you are looking to find some of this excellent real estate in Prior Lake, Minnesota then you are going to need an experienced real estate agent to help you sift through the properties. 

This is where we come into the picture. We are Buy Sell Lease Real Estate and Rental Management and located in the western suburb of Wayzata. Owned and operated by experienced real estate agent Travis Senenfelder, we hold the tools and a working knowledge of the Twin Cities real estate market, allowing us to help you successfully find the perfect home.  Check out a little more about us by heading to our website at Now I encourage you to get in contact with Travis Senenfelder of BSL Real Estate and Rental Management so you can get your Prior Lake real estate search on the roll. Travis can be reached by either email at [email protected] or by phone at 651-216-9466.