Posted over 7 years ago

Red Flags When Hiring a Real Estate Agent

‘About to hire a real estate agent to help you out in that home buying process of yours in Hope Mills real estate or make that best choice among Hope Mills homes for sale?  Just as there are many homes for sale in the market, a relative ratio of sales agents are on the rise as well.  And while you’re that meticulous in choosing the right home for you, you should be that cautious when looking out for a professional and licensed agent as well.  But how can a home buyer identify a genuine one from a hoax?  Here are a few signs to look out for if you’ve hired a burdensome rather than an asset. 

Short-term memory loss – When your agent suddenly don’t communicate with you as often as s/he had to, or that your communication lines suddenly came to a halt, it’s time to let go of the person.  You both don’t want to waste each other’s time, and this kind of a “relationship” isn’t going to work, anyways. 

Mum-ified – Let’s face it, real estate agents are there to make suggestions, give comments, share inputs regarding good houses in great locations and/or about the real estate market as a whole, among others.  They’re extroverts, as they deal with different people from all walks of life.  If you can’t let out an advice or two from him/her, then it’s better to cut the rope and let go. 

Burnt out Jack-of-all-trades – Real estate agents who have other jobs besides being one, more often than not, cannot deliver results home buyers require of them or need.  They may be better off with their other job/s, if they can’t prioritize a client’s call. 

Insistent, persistent, delinquent – Watch out for agents who seemingly insist that you should “try out,” or that s/he would like to “recommend you to...” some lenders or other affiliated companies.  It’s your choice and your call, not theirs. 

These are only a handful of what you should observe when hiring or you’ve already recruited a real sales agent.  Although they may be rare, still, you don’t want to pick or eat a rotten tomato among a basketful of fresh ones.  There are many competent ones out there in Hope Mills real estate.