Posts from April, 2011

CRE Private Lending - A Performance Based Industry

Wednesday, March 30

People from New Jersey sometimes have a unique way of getting their point across. In the commercial real estate and finance business, individuals are gruff and take crap from no one.I grew up in Woodbridge, NJ, which is about 30 minutes by train to NYC. When my Mom was walking out the door, if we...

Investing in Multifamily Real Estate - Where's The Beef?

Thursday, March 24

Investing Multifamily Real Estate    Where’s The Beef?          I recently went to a networking meeting where a young real estate investor spent about thirty minutes talking about how investing in multifamily real estate is making him wealthier than he ever imagined. He claimed to get into the bu...

Commercial Real Estate - Best Hedge against Inflation

Wednesday, March 16

Commercial Real Estate – Best Hedge against InflationAccording to the National Real Estate Investor website, the outlook for real estate investments in 2011 is optimistic. “An improving economy combined with a thaw in the capital markets and limited new supply led to a big spike in investor confi...