Posted almost 4 years ago

Making the Best of Winter When It’s Time to Sell Your Home

When selling your home during the winter months, it is very important to make the best of it by tending to certain seasonal issues.  Many issues with homes can be non-existent during the spring, summer and fall. So, we have some advice that will help your home sell faster during the winter months. 
Winter Home Selling Tips:
* Easy entrance – There’s nothing worse than showing your home on days when it’s showing out.  Potential buyers will show up with snow and salt on their shoes, which can make for a messy entrance.  Therefore, you can add a festive area rug near the front door for everyone to leave their shoes.  Have disposable booties on hand and a chair nearby for them to use.
* Lights, lights, lights – Use all the lights in your home to help fight the winter’s shorter days.  This is also a great trick when it’s cloudy outside.  When you’re showing your home, go through each room and make sure all the lights are on.  This will help give your home a larger feel and look.  If you’re showing the home during the day you can open all the blinds and drapes for more natural light.
* Create a seasonal look – Use appropriate decorations for the season.  If it’s Christmas, get festive with Christmas décor.  Just don’t overdo it on your decorating.  Remember, sometimes less is best.
* Outdoor appeal – Although it is winter, you still want to make the best first impression by keeping your yard neatly maintained. 
* The right temperature – Don’t try to cook your guests when showing your home.  Keeping your thermostat around 65 to 68 degrees is the perfect temp for people who are wearing coats and sweaters.
* Control bad smells – A smelly home can turn people off faster than anything.  During the winter it’s easy to build up bad smells, so consider using aromatic oils in each room to help give them a fresher smell.
* Daytime showings – Do your best to encourage daytime showings.  This allows better lighting.  So, ask your agent to show your home between 8am and 4pm.
These tips for selling your home in the winter are just a few things you can do to stay ahead of your competition, which is very important when you have neighbors who are selling their home that is similar to yours.



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