Why Businesses Fail—Focus On What You Enjoy For Successful Results

Saturday, August 12

In today's podcast, Mark and Scott talk to Siimon Sander—host of the Entrepreneur Decoded Podcast.Today we discuss: Lessons Siimon learned from a failed businessThe importance of having goals to work towards, even after you've "made it"Why you shouldn't let money be your drivePlus, LISTEN IN for...

August Acceleration—It’s Time To Double Down!

Friday, August 11

In today’s episode of The Art of Passive Income — Round Table edition, He’s back baby! Mark returns from his month long hiatus, well rested and motivated for the next business venture!Today’s Topics: The constant check bouncer— Handling those who are constantly making late payments or bouncing ch...

How To Train Your Brain To Grow Your Business

Saturday, August 05

In today’s podcast, Mark and Scott talk to Dana Wilde—TheMindAware.com.Dana took two businesses to a million in revenue in just 19 months and today she talks to us about how to train our brains to grow our businesses and better our lives.Dana delves into the reticular activating system and the 4 ...

Loan Modifications — Nice Guys vs Mean Guys

Friday, August 04

This week's Round Table topics:Loan Modifications—Under what circumstances do we modify loans for sellers and do multiple modifications ultimately lead to a default?When a mailing generates leads for multiple properties from one seller, scattered all over the country—The guys go over how they dea...

What Is Your Time Value? Work Less To Get More Of The Things You Love

Saturday, July 29

In today’s podcast, Mark and Scott talk to the Founders of the Rusty Lion Academy — Robert Mallon and Bill Watkins.Robert is a nationally recognized professional speaker, business coach, and mentor. And Bill, a West Point graduate, decorated Army officer, world class athlete, corporate executive,...

Scarcity Mentality—Time To Change Your Mindset!

Friday, July 28

This week's Round Table topics: Dealing with squatters—Tate shares a recent incident that involved the police and lawsuit threats.VA backup plan—Are you prepared if your VA quits?Scarcity mentality—We'll show you why scarcity does not exist in the land business!Listen in now!