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Keeping Everyone in Sync is Easier Than Ever. Technology helps!

Keeping Everyone in Sync is Easier Than Ever.  I was recently reminded of this as no matter how many transactions we do, even when working with the same people.  Things happen.  Especially when you are working multiple transactions at any given time.  It can become a whirlwind in a hurry.  I am amazed at how helpful technology has become in these situations to bridge the gap.

Recently, I had to see about five properties on one trip and in the midst of it all, I get a phone call to address an office matter that needed my attention.  So here I am on the side of the road navigating GPS directions and CRM info on my tablet, while talking office shop on the phone in between appointments.  This stop and start went on for about four hours that particular day.  Once done, I was so thankful for technology but was reminded of a few things that have helped our team stay in sync so that everything worked out well.

1) Tablets with cellular capability.  Especially 4G.  Wow, this is amazingly helpful.  It is so nice to get directions and navigate CRM data at the same time so I can plan accordingly AND be reminded of everything each appointment was about without carrying around a ton of paper.  This was a great feeling.

2) Phone apps also continue to impress.  Real time mileage tracking, speaker and conference call capabilities on the fly, directions and where to get food along the way all at your fingertips.  We have learned to take some of this for granted but it was nice to stop and reflect at how much easier this was than even two years ago!

3) Having a virtual assistant.  I cannot tell you enough how helpful this is.  Being able to know the phones are being answered, messages taken and calls returned while you are in the field is a huge plus.  And that is just one of a bunch of things they do to help us  get more done.  Add in skype for on the fly communication with them and the amount of time saved piles up quickly.

4) Of course, we keep back up data available in the event cellular internet is not available however most of the time this is not an issue.  Always good to have a backup though.

As simple and as high level this may seem, I just remember that day as a bit of a milestone as to how far we have come as Real Estate Professionals with our tools to help get things done.  Our team was able to stay in sync doing what needed to be done rather effortlessly.  If we had to use just the phone and a notebook to do it all, it would have taken so much more time to accomplish what we did that day.  Whether investor or owner occupant, it is a joy to help others and thank goodness for technology that helps make it possible to higher standards than ever before!

Going in the field has never been easier.  Make the most of your tools and they can reward you quite nicely.  Have the right team members in place to work with and use them and you really get to reap the benefits.  Helping others and doing deals!

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    Great post! I realize that you posted this a while ago, but I just stumbled upon it and found your connection with RE and technology to be helpful. I am curious about the APPs that you are using and any specific examples of how an APP has helped you score a great deal.