Posted over 4 years ago

Hackers Target Financial Sector

 Privacy just doesn’t exist anymore. If you don’t change your online account passwords very often, this post may stimulate you to consider changing your passwords more frequently. Hackers have successfully targeted major banks and financial institutions all over the world in the last year and new attacks are happening all of the time.


Do you do banking business on your smartphone? Think again. Take this paper released by Checkpoint in December about European banks that have been targeted by a malware virus that stole $36 MM Euro from mobile banking customers via their smartphones. Don’t believe me? Read the report here:


CNNMoney recently reported that there’s not a single bank that is free of malware. In a December 13th article, Pam Benson writes about a new malware virus created by a Russian hacker that has already been confirmed by McAfee. This virus has been set to target over 30 financial institutions in the U.S. Don’t believe me? Read the report here:


If you think your sensitive information is safe anymore, you’re wrong.

In the world of the Internet, privacy just doesn’t exist anymore.