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Finding Free Pre-Foreclosure Leads and the Money in Them

Getting Pre-foreclosure Leads

Hello People I hope if you were in the path of Hurricane Sandy you are safe and sound.    I took the time being locked in the house to update my pre-foreclosure leads.  I get my leads from my access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  Please get access to MLS, its a tremendous resource.  You can also get these leads for free thru Zillow. Do not pay anyone for this list, you can get this for free.  I explain below in more detail.

I want to share with you what I do when I pick my pre-foreclosure leads.  I run the lists in MRIS for the latest preforeclsure notices in my target area.  But I want to always do a little bit more than my competion, so this is what I do. I go thru the list and I look for the properties where the tax mailing address is different from the property address listed in the pre-foreclsoure.  Why?   Because these are all the properties the owners are using as rentals and I then mail to the property owners address (which is the tax mailing address). So I only mail to absentee owned properties in preforeclosure and I mail to the homeowners address.

Most investors don’t do this.  They pull the list and just blast off their mailings.  But guess what?  The owners of absentee owned properties don’t get most of the mail our competion sends because they just blasted off a mailing to the address where the tenants live not the homeowners.

So my tip is always look for a way to do just a little bit more than the competition and it pays off ten fold.


If you don’t have access to MLS you can use Zillow to get preforeclosures in your target area. Go to and create an account.   The preforeclosure search is only available if you have an account.  Its  free.    Once you have created an account you will see the following filter for searching.   Look over to the left at the check marks.  Select the Pre-Market filted for Pre-foreclosures.  There you can get a totally free list of pre-foreclosures in your target market.

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  1. Tiny 1399649463 avatar sweetgumga

    Another name for pre-forclosure is 30-60 days late.  Anyone found a lead source today?  Not sure if zillow ever had 30-60 leads since they come from credit reporting agencies at some cost.

    Any sources of leads?

  2. Tiny 1423957596 avatar peterk

    Great idea, Neva. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to try this approach. I'm looking for a good, reliable way to outsource these types of tasks to my virtual assistant. This would be an easy one for them to do. Do you know what the response rate that you're getting from these? Also, what type of letter/card are you sending? Good luck with the investing!

  3. No avatar tiny

    How would I get access to MLS?

    1. Tiny 1491858518 avatar biggerpo

      Kevin Ospina - You'd do that via a licensed real estate agent or by getting a license yourself.

    2. No avatar tiny