Posted almost 9 years ago

Carpets Cleaned

I spent yesterday morning watching the stock market and doing a little stock trading.  I have traded stocks for over 10 years, as a hobby.  I believe that we may get a short, but intense rally next week and therefore I bought some Ford stock at $2.10 with the intention of selling a covered call (option) on it.  I got the stock, but the didn't get the option due to the incompetence of the options specialist that was handling this option.  I wasn't happy about that, but couldn't do much about it.  Ameritrade's phone lines were absolutely jammed and it was hard to talk to one of their people.  It will probably work out fine anyway, because I'll just wait for the rally and then sell the covered call.  By waiting for the rally, the I'll get a higher option premium for selling the call.    

By 1pm, I was feeling guilty about not doing any real work, so I got in the truck and headed for town.  I finished rehabbing the two bedroom apartment that I have been working on and moved my tools and equipment out.  To finish the apartment, I put a second coat of paint on the cabinets and steam cleaned the carpet in the living room.

Next on the agenda was to steam clean the carpet in the living room and hallway at my six bedroom house.  The water is off at that house, so I had to take 5 gallons of hot water with me. 

Finally, I stopped at a 1 bedroom apartment to unclog a clogged tub drain.  That consisted of pouring some Glug pellets in to the drain followed by a cup of hot water.  That took less than 2 minutes.

I didn't want to miss the close of the stock market two days in a row, so I only worked about 2 hours yesterday.  When I arrived home at about 3:30, the market was up by about 120 points.  The fluctuations were wild and the market ended down another 120 points. 

I'm up bright and early this morning to go mountain biking.  A friend from Church is meeting me at 7:30 and we're going to Dayton to mountain bike at Momba.  I always look forward to mountain biking at a new course.  We're getting an early start so that we can be home for the 3:30 kickoff of the Ohio State vs. Purdue football game.

Have a good weekend!