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In The Beginning...

This is my journey. 


   The good, The bad, The ugly, and hopefully the Profit to make my pockets Bigger and my family more secure!
   I am a "Newbie" investor and will be blogging my experiences as I make this journey.  Being the end of the year now, I hope to look back on this blog 12 months from now and be able to realize all of my current goals.  This will also act as somewhat of an "accountability partner" of sorts... being in full view to everyone on BiggerPockets may be the Kick in the tail I sometimes need to push me through to the next step.
   Always feel free to contact me, I am a big proponent of networking! I subscribe to the theory that my net worth is directly related to my network.

My goals for 2013:

-Land that first big one, rehab it right, and resell it quickly for a reasonable profit to a lovely family to help make both of our dreams come true! ... and then do 9 more!


-Aquire atleast two cash-flow positive properties to open a "buy and hold" portfolio. 


-Learn as much as I can about the industry to put myself in a position to take advantage of opportunities that arise (a.k.a. Make my own good luck!) and to avoid the many expensive pitfalls that await newbies like myself.


-Meet and network with other successful RE investors and business people to work together at any opportunity to improve eachothers lives.


   So here we go... welcome, I'm glad you're along for the ride.   :o)


See you at the Top in 2013!!



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  1. Tiny 1448398348 avatar brandonatbp

    Welcome Nichole! I'm excited to see how your journey progresses! Be sure to ask all the questions you want in those forums and you'll learn so much! This blog will be great for others, as well, who are looking at making the jump into real estate investing. Thanks for keeping us on board!