Posted over 4 years ago

Realtors & Investors – How Working Together Can Pay Huge Dividends

For Realtors & Brokers, working with Real Estate Investors can be a very rewarding and profitable venture.  Today, I would like to outline a few of the advantages Real Estate Agents & Brokers have, by not just working with Investors, but truly building meaningful and effective relationships focused on a few common goals…creating value, establishing a pipeline of successful real estate transactions & servicing the needs of the Real Estate community.  So…with that said, here just a few of the ways Real Estate Agents & Brokers could benefit from working with Investors:

  • Investors often buy several properties a year meaning multiple transactions per investor for the Agent

  • Most Investors know what they want & don’t want to spend all day driving around looking for the perfect house.  That makes better use of both of your time

  • As an Agent, you can often double, and even triple-end a deal that you bring to an Investor.  How many of those do you have to do in a year to be successful?

  • Investors make a decision based on figures and not on emotions.  The deal either works or it doesn’t, saving both of you valuable time

  • Good Investors know the value of a good Agent.  Build good Investor relationships and both of you win for years to come

  • The more deals an Investor does, the more money he/she has to spend on new deals

  • Cash is King as they say, and most successful Investors either have it, or they have access to it, enabling them to close quickly and efficiently

  • Investors who specialize in Short Sales can often save an Agent a lot of money and a lot of time.  

    Have a client whose about to lose their house to foreclosure?  Full service Short Sale Investors like myself have teams in place to negotiate with the banks, process the paperwork, pay cash and ultimately save a deal from going into foreclosure, potentially saving the Agent thousands of dollars in lost commissions & the home owner from foreclosure

  • Investors will buy the houses nobody else wants.  Yeah…you know the ones I’m talking about.  They smell like a cat box, walls are falling down, garages stuffed to the ceiling with 20 years of junk & the banks won’t lend on them

Relationships mean everything in the real estate world whether you’re a Broker, Agent or Investor.  Our livelihoods depend on these relationships and the pipelines they create for us.  If you are a Real Estate Agent and are not currently working with Investors, I encourage you to give it a try.  As an Investor myself, Realtors are the lifeblood of our business.  I understand the value an Agent/Broker adds to my success.  Many of the Agents we work with today have become some of our closest friends.  After all, we’re helping each other make thousands of dollars doing what we both love to do most…buy and sell real estate!

If you are an Agent or a Broker and are interested in finding Investors in your area, I encourage you to start with your local REI groups.  Most of these groups can be found on-line by simply searching “Real Estate Investor Club (insert city)”.  These clubs are a great place to meet Investors, Investor Agents and many other great real estate resources.