Posted almost 10 years ago

Finding Notes in the Mortgage Note Business

How Easy is the Mortgage Note Business? 

The most difficult part of the mortgage note business is, you guessed it, finding mortgage notes. You want to let the note holders of the world know that you can buy their notes while at the same time, not appearing to be too eager or desperate. To do this with skill requires marketing and advertising abilities that surpass the competition. If you can get your name out to note holders you might be able to buy more mortgage notes than those people with that have poor marketing skills. Finding notes in the note buisiness is the only way to succeed in the note business. Fortunately, there are many ways of finding holders of notes in the notes business. But, you must spend at least 80% of your time doing this type of marketing.

  1. The County or Local Courthouse of Records: Believe it or not, this is probably one of the best way to find fresh note holders.
  2. List Brokers: This is an excellent way for anyone in the note business to find note holders.
  3. Direct Mail: The mortgage note business demands some sort of direct mail campaign. But who do you target? You can target the note holders, CPAs, book keepers, tax attorneys, etc.

One thing's for sure, the mortgage note business is tough, demanding and it's very much a dog-eat-dog environment!

If you are going to be in the mortgage note business, don't let someone with a $39.95 T.V. commercial sell you on a mis-representation that the mortgage note business is easy.

The mortgage note business is not easy!

In fact, the mortgage note business is one of the toughest at home businesses you could ever be involved in.

Don't be sold, be educated!