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Today is the beginning of the rest of your life!

I just received the rent from my rental property and as plenty of people know, this is a great feeling. I would much rather enjoy receiving rent than a paycheck and although I really do like my job there is a huge difference between going to work and NEEDING a check than going to work and knowing you have an income stream coming in. At this point $1,000,000 seems like it is a galaxy away, but I have a desire to earn much more and it seems that it's going to take determination and discipline with maybe a hint of some luck. I think by having this blog it will be fun to share the ebbs and flows of this business and moreover, it will hold me to some level of accountability.

I currently own one property free and clear and I am looking to build my empire by flipping 2-4 properties per year and purchasing 1 rental every 6 months for now. Once I have this down to a science I will bump that up to at least 1 flip per quarter and a couple rentals per quarter as well. I am currently shopping loans and I think I found a lender that will be able to assist me to purchase my next property so I can proceed with my first flip. Let's hope this goes well, but regardless of how it goes I will keep you guys updated every step of the way.

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  1. Tiny 1418543811 avatar ilhan

    Congrats on your journety. I know the feeling you are feeling. It feels great. Stay focused and keep your goals in front of you.

  2. Tiny 1448579709 avatar nattydread

    Ahh yes, Landlord Appreciation Day, my favourite day of the month ;-)

  3. Tiny 1448397276 avatar rios9000

    Every 5000 mile journey begins with the first step. I'm glad things are going well, good luck keeping up that pace!