Posted about 9 years ago

Reality Real Estate Investing Video : The Rio Street Flip

Reality Real Estate Investing Video

Reading real estate investing articles, participating in forums, listening to CDs, and attending seminars are all excellent ways to learn how to become an investor. But above all else, seeing someone esle actually do it is paramount!

Check out the video below as I take you into my daily real estate investing experience and walk you through what it's like in the real world as an investor.

Some of my investor friends, Sean and Eli, just contracted a deal recently on Rio Street in North Charleston, South Carolina, and brought me in as a partner on the deal. Often times, local investors will bring me deals because of my expertise in negotiating, deal structuring, financing, renovating, etc. There are limitless ways to create value in this game so always bring an open mind to the table.

In the video, I open with a few details about the deal, speak with one of our contractors about the necessary repairs, and walk you through what renovations we plan on making and why.



Stay tuned for the next episode . . .

  Patrick Riddle