Posted about 2 months ago

The desire of real estate investing starting from middle school

This is part of my story and I'll keep it short and sweet.  I started reading a book about Real Estate Fundamentals in 7th grade.  Keep in mind this is not the only solution to give you a head start on investing in real estate, but you can apply these techniques if you think it would be applicable for your situation:

  • WA state has a cool program called Running Start that lets high school students get 2 years of free college during their junior and senior years of high school. Not only do you save 2 years of tuition but also 2 years of time and earning potential.  Other states may have similar programs.
  • Likewise, if you plan to get a Bachelor degree, you can save 2 unprofitable years of being a student and join the workforce earlier.  Keep in mind, you do miss out on "student" life but you get 2 more years of "REI" life, so decide what you want more.
  • If you want a high paying job out of college, consider studying engineering, such as computer science or electrical engineering - those majors give you a high likelihood of finding a high paying W2 job that will allow you to qualify for your first mortgage. 
  • Keep in mind many people don't end up working in the field they major in anyway. I went from engineering to real estate. :)

If there is any topic you want covered in subsequent posts, shout out below.  Best of luck.