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Posted over 5 years ago

Making Money with Mobile Homes for Sale That Must Be Moved


If you comb through your local online advertisement site, let’s say you will likely find a few advertisements for mobile homes that must be sold and "must be moved" in order to buy. These homes offer a great source of inexpensive quality homes for the prepared investor to pick up minus the land for pennies on the dollar compared to what your competition may be paying.

Why would a mobile home need to be moved before I buy it?

The sellers of the mobile home for sale may or may not own the land under which the home is sitting. If the sellers do own the land then it is more than likely he or she is wishing to upgrade to a larger and newer mobile home or perhaps build a traditional site-built home. The owner’s old manufactured home may need to be removed from its foundation before a new mobile home can be pulled on to the foundation.

The Seller's Problem?

Some mobile home movers may not transport mobile homes older than 20 years old. Similarly many mobile home parks will not allow 10-20 year old homes to be moved in to their parks. So what can a home owner do with this unwanted mobile home that may or may not need repairs?

The answer is to try and sell their "in-the-way" home to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, many times there are little to zero buyers looking to buy a used mobile home that has to be moved. On average a mobile home will cost between three and ten thousand dollars to transport (within town) depending on the size of the home.

Some owners even look to have metal companies pull the home off the land to recycle it. Even scrap metal companies charge for this service. So after months and months a motivated seller can turn into a Top Priority seller and want to get rid of the home at any cost.

Some sellers even give away their unwanted mobile homes for little to nothing. >>FREE<<

Begin looking for advertisements that read, "Home must be moved" in the body of the description.

Steps to a FREE mobile home (always be on the look-out):

  1. 1. Know where you want to move a home once you find one. Line up a park or acquire a piece of vacant land (zoned for a mobile home) to keep your home. If your mobile home does qualify many mobile home parks are giving great incentives to pull a home in. Incentives such as; discounted lot rent, free lot rent, part or 100% of the transport fee paid for, and more. Find a park that will pay for your mobile home to be moved into their park.
  1. 2. Find a mobile home for sale and negotiate win-win terms. If this seller is a Top Priority seller they may give the home way free of charge just to be rid of it. Locate a top priority seller and offer to remove it for free.
  1. 3. Call local movers in your area. You do not need the best company just the cheapest company that will safely and legally get the home moved (within town) and "Set-Up" (Water, Plumbing and/or Gas connected and leveled).
  2. One or more of these connecting services may need to be preformed by a professional. Secure a local mover that understands their company will be paid by the mobile home park.
  1. 4. Transport the home and sell for a profit.

Thanks for reading. What where your thoughts on this article?


John Fedro

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  1. Tiny 1399361774 avatar johnfedro

    Hi Jennifer, Thanks for pointing out the heading was screwed up. Must have been something with the wordpress code. The article is updated. - John Fedro

  2. Tiny 1399361774 avatar johnfedro

    Hi Dawn, Are you advertising the home for sale online for $0.00? If you do not care what happens perhaps this is likely the quickest option for sale. If you wish to make a little bit of money then please see below. There are a few different avenues you can go from here the way I see it. If you can not leave the home where it is then you may be able to sell the home to a local repo lot, dealer, nearby mh park, or another local investor. (I may know a local investor near you if you let me know where the property is located). Based on your info above the home sounds new enough for many investors to still want the property, however this could be false if the home is a pos. Nearby parks may also be offering incentives for folks to move their used homes inside, once the home is inside this rental park you may then sell the home to a buyer for some good profit or monthly cash flow. Truly hope this helps you. Best, John

  3. Tiny 1399361774 avatar johnfedro

    Hi Jan, What area are you in? -John

  4. Tiny 1399361774 avatar johnfedro

    Hi Cheri, Currently I do not have any vacant mobile homes for sale. How far away will you transport one from. Finding them inexpensively that must be moved is not very hard. However if you're in an area that's hott there may not be inexpensive homes available as folks are willing to pay extra-high prices. Is Seguin out in the way of oil wells and the new fracking I've been hearing about? I'm pretty far away in the Travis county area. How much are you willing to pay? Also, do you have arrangements for transportation? <--Email me those last 2 answers to [email protected] if interested Talk soon, John

  5. Tiny 1399361774 avatar johnfedro

    Hi Dave, I know of a great home that may fit your needs. Please private message me on this site for more info right away. Talk soon, John Fedro

  6. No avatar tiny

    I have a double wide I need to get rid of for little money. It's around Austin Tx. It's over 20+ years and belonged to my father. We are ready to put another house on the land! Message or comment, Thanks Dave!

  7. Tiny 1399361774 avatar johnfedro

    Hello Mrs. Brown, I am happy to discuss your property for sale. When possible go to the web address below and fill in the selling form located on that secure page. I will make sure you are contacted immediately. Best, John

  8. No avatar tiny

    What are your suggestions for finding a low cost mover? I am finding homes for $3000 and then it will cost me $5000 to move it less than 100 miles. Do you have any suggestions? I am not budgeted for the moving cost at that price but need to move something to my own land and move out of my current home yesterday. Thanks!

  9. Tiny 1399361774 avatar johnfedro

    Hi Carla, You have a couple of options for getting your mobile home moved at an affordable price. For the rest of this answer I will assume that the mobile home is a single wide, if the home you're looking at is a doublewide then $5,000 is a good price. The first suggestion is to call every mobile home mover you can find online and in the yellow pages. I just did a quick search and found over 30 listings in the NC yellow pages. Call each mover and look for the less expensive price, yet the company still has good reviews. I have found that moving companies can be a large corporation or a small 1 man operation. Depending on the volume and "need for more work" you may be able to find a mover to move you for less than $2,500 including set up and permits. Also ask if they have a financing option available? The second strategy is to purchase your home from a repo lot or dealer that has their own moving trucks. These homes will typically be more expensive than the ones you're finding for $3,000. Most dealers will financed their homes and the moving costs. I hope this helps. Don't give up as there is likely a mover right now looking for your business and willing to negotiate. Best, John Fedro

  10. Tiny 1399678384 avatar joncasillas

    Just wanted to say this article was very helpful Thank you

  11. Tiny 1399361774 avatar johnfedro

    Hi Jonathan, Happy to help. I hope you use the info to help sellers and make a profit. Let me know if I can be of further assistance. Best, John Fedro

    1. Tiny 1399678384 avatar joncasillas

      I have sent you a college request. Would love to learn all I can. I am looking at buying my first MHP by the end of the year

  12. Tiny 1399361774 avatar johnfedro

    Hi Jonathan, I just replied to your private message. I think it's great and completely possible for you to be owner or partial owner in a park by the end of this year. Great goals! Best, John Fedro

  13. No avatar tiny

    looking for 3b 2bath single wide trailer .having to move .like to find and move to my parents property to live . can email [email protected] thanks

  14. Tiny 1399361774 avatar johnfedro

    Hi Ricky, Thanks for reaching out. Where are you located? How much are you looking to spend cash? Are you asking for helpful tips to find homes or would you like me to see what we have for sale in your area? Talk soon, John Fedro

  15. No avatar tiny

    So I have a question. Me and my family right now live in a 3bd 2 bath manufactured home, we sit on a half acre. We want to know if there is any way we can sell the manufactured home to an individual or company so we can build another home on our property? If so what is the best way to go about that? We live in goshen Utah.

  16. No avatar tiny

    Forgot sorry here is my email, [email protected]

  17. Tiny 1399361774 avatar johnfedro

    Hi Chelsie, Thank you for reaching out to me on this matter. The answer is "of course". There are a few ways to move forward as I am not certain if your home is legally attached and combined to your land, OR if the home is considered a separate entity and simply sitting on-top of your land. Either way you own both and can do as you please within the law of course. Also, congratulations on building your own property on your land. Goshen Utah is beautiful country too. Clarity is key! This week I would advise you to take a trip or call your local county permit office and property appraiser office to determine the necessary steps "you" specifically must take to move forward. Tell these folks your current situation and future goals and ask for all the steps needed to stay compliant with the law based on your current situation. The paperwork involved is something that you, as the owner, may complete and most folks at these gov't offices are there to help you in these matters. In reality your new home will likely create higher revenue for them based on the appraised value. There are also many more things to consider such as; selling your existing home, building your new home, permits, and everything in-between. This is a fun and exciting time for you no doubt. I will also send this same response to your email address just in case you do not receive the alert through BP. If you have any additional followup questions let me know and I'll be happy to do my best to help. Talk soon, John Fedro

  18. No avatar tiny

    Dear Mr Fedro, I have ran into a problem myself in a similar matter, where I will need my home removed from it's lot in sadly December / January of this year. I will be relocating downstate for college, and after contact the park manager I have found out two things that have made my process of getting rid of my mobile home harder. The first is that the park owner is not interested in taking any more homes into this park, even for free. He will not even take this mobile home off my hands for a $0 value due to not being able to rent others in the park right now The second is that in order to sell this to someone else while on this lot, they would need to pass a credit check to rent the lot. The park owner has denied over 20 applicants for a neighboring mobile home that the park manager has had on the market for over a year at this point. As I am going into college, I don't have the funds to haul this myself to somewhere, nor would I have the want or need to come back to upstate. I currently own a 88 single wide 2 bedroom in upstate ny, and sadly, it does need some TLC. Even though I would just want it off my hands for nothing, if someone was to give me anything for it, it would help me get a start for rent at college, and with the moving expenses. Thank you, H.D.

  19. Tiny 1399361774 avatar johnfedro

    Hi Hotaru, A number of things come to mind while reading your post. First of all thank you for reaching out to me on this matter. I will be happy to help in any way I can. As I understand you will be moving from your home to the southern part of the state for school. Congratulations on being accepted into school, you must be excited! With regards to your home there are some alternatives you have. The worst case I see is holding onto the home and continuing to bleed lot rent while the home is waiting to be sold for $X amount of dollars. Please fill out this home-seller application here. I have a number of investors in the new England and NY area that may be interested in your property. Now lets discuss your options as I see them. 1. Do not be discouraged about the next door neighbor's applicants not being non-approved. While it sounds that this park manager is very strict or denying people on purpose there must be some people that fit the park manager's criteria. Find out from him what he screens for and verbally pre-screen each buyer before they go to get approved to save everyone's time. 2. If you sell your home on payments you will receive more money and more tenant-buyers interested in your property. This will increase the likelihood of the home being sold quickly. December is coming up quick so start to marketing today if not already. 3. You could always give the keys and Title to the park and let the park manager hurt your credit, although they probably won't hurt your credit as they will have title. This is last case a scenario. 4. A home from the 80's will not be accepted into many parks due to the age. Still a great and desirable home, however parks are looking to move in newer homes around 20 years and newer into their parks, in many occasions. Email me at [email protected] to discuss this more and ask me any followup questions you will likely have during this process. Talk soon, John Fedro

  20. Tiny 1399734843 avatar elizabeth12

    I am trying to find a mobil home in Bellingham WA and need some help finding a one to move to our land if anyone can help any info will help thanks for your time

    1. Tiny 1399361774 avatar johnfedro

      Hi Elizabeth, When are you needing to find a home by? Please go to my website and click the "Buying" tab at the top of the page. I will alert my local WA investors of your needs. Thanks for reaching out to me Elizabeth. Hope to help. Talk soon, John Fedro

  21. Tiny 1399734843 avatar elizabeth12

    Thank you yes anything will help us and we find a need to move asap and I so hope you can help we are just trying to find are own place for our kids and us we don't have much money but we can make payments and find a way to move a mobile home

    1. Tiny 1399361774 avatar johnfedro

      Hi Elizabeth, Thank you for commenting. Your ideal home buying info has been received from my website. We will be in contact with you as soon as I or any of my local members to the Wa area have a lead and/or home that fits close to your needs and description. When that time happens we can talk personally at how the best way for you to move forward will be based on your time and finances at the time. Talk soon and happy to help, John Fedro

  22. No avatar tiny

    I have a 2001 Clayton, 32x56 in good shape. The metal roof is 2 years old and the heat/air pump is less than a year old. I need it moved off the land its on. What is the best way to sell this. I am not giving it away.

    1. Tiny 1399361774 avatar johnfedro

      Hi Stephanie, Thanks for reaching out. Is time a factor or are you trying to sell for top dollar? What specific questions do you have with regards to selling? What methods are you promoting the home currently? Because the home must be moved you will more than likely have less buyers than if the home was being sold with the land or already inside a mobile home park. With that said. If you go to the following link and submit the information on your home and asking price I would be happy to shoot the info to investors I have in your local area. From there you will know more about what an investor will pay you for the home. Hope this helps and feel free to ask any follow up questions you may have. Talk soon, John Fedro

  23. Tiny 1399755299 avatar whalicki

    I am browsing so many sites,looking for something in Fl.Sarasota,Bradenton,Ft.Mayers.Mobile home in a park(prices and lot rent so different,why,age of home?)mfg home with a land,condo,want spend about K 25-30 .Iwill appreciate any advice.

    1. Tiny 1399361774 avatar johnfedro

      Hi Waldemar, Thanks for reaching out. The answers to your questions depends on if this property is for you to live in or for an investment? What is your time frame? Do you wish to live in a park, a MH on private land, or a condo, these are all different and will require different approaches and understandings. Your $25-$30k is more than enough to get into any of these properties however some may require additional financing. Are you looking for a home with repairs needed or remodeled? Without knowing some of the answers to the questions above my advice would be to see a Realtor and also hit the streets looking in the areas you wish to invest in so that you may see what is for sale. I hope this all makes sense. Please comment back with the answers from above and/or any followup questions you may have. Talk soon, John Fedro

  24. No avatar tiny

    I currently have a mobile home that I'm looking to either sell and purchaser must move it or buy land and move it (will need owner financing for land). To make it simple, house is in good condition (I have home inspection report 4/4/2014), but MHP not allowing me to live in community based on my bad credit history (house has been on foreclosure 4 times... saved first 3, but not willing to continue to struggle to save home). MH is currently located in Plant City. Any advise/offer?

  25. No avatar tiny

    I tried going to: but I get an error message :(

  26. Tiny 1399361774 avatar johnfedro

    Hi Steven, Thanks for reaching out to me on this matter. Yes, I would be very interested in hearing more on the matter and would be able to fill you in on any additional options you have. The updated link is Talk soon, John

  27. No avatar tiny

    I am looking at purchasing a MH in a deed restricted community.. But you own the land. The asking price is roughly what the land is worth. It's a 3/2 but it needs maybe 80% rehab (1/3 of the floors are missing, will need some drywall work, kitchen cabinets, appliances). But, I read that you can't sell a MH over 25 years old, so does it make sense to fix it up? It was built in 1976. The area is a good area of town, great school district and I think will make for a good rental property once cleaned up. But will cost some money to get up to par. Any suggestions on how to proceed?

  28. Tiny 1399361774 avatar johnfedro

    Hi Derek, Thanks for commenting and reaching out. First let me say congratulations for being this close to pulling the trigger on a profitable deal. With that said it is wise to know what all is for sale in your area so that you can make the decision to spend your money with this home or with one that is already in move-in shape. If you do have the cash available to close and fix and do mind the rate of return the monthly rent will bring you then it is worth pursuing further. If you plan on renting the home then you will not have to worry about selling it for some time. No matter the age you can sell any home, however with a mobile home 25 years old you will have a hard time fining a bank to finance your seller to pay you all cash. Instead an owner financing sale is much more logic to expect when you do wish to sell. Lastly if you do close on the home fix and repair the home to rental standards and do not over improve the home. While you have a renter in the home make sure to check the property monthly to inspect for new damage and correct it immediately. Hope this helps and makes sense. If not please let me know. If you have any follow up questions don't hesitate to ask either. Talk soon, John Fedro

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