How to Calculate Your Net Worth

Friday, November 03

I've been asked to answer this question many times so I figured it will be easier to make a short video and post it online. Calculating your net worth is very important for every investor as it's the most reliable measure to your wealth building progress

How to Lose Money by Investing in Single Family Homes

Tuesday, October 03

I had an opportunity to be a guest in the How To Lose Money podcast with Pual Moore and Josh Thomas talking about the lessons I've learned by investing in single family homes and why I decided to graduate to multifamily properties.Click the link to listen or subscribe to their podcast on itunes/s...

7 Things to Consider When Analyzing Multifamily Properties

Saturday, August 26

Everyone remember to look at NOI, Cap Rates and Number of units but many investor don't take these 7 Things When Analyzing Multifamily Opportunities...

The Beginner Multifamily Investor Reference Guide

Saturday, May 20

I noticed we always have new investor come to the multifamily forum and ask "How do I get started". While the BP forums have a search function, I figured It'll be easier if I just created this post to help new guys Getting Started with Multifamily Investing. Multifamily Investment Books: How to C...

11 Ways to Reduce Expenses for Multifamily Owners

Saturday, May 20

If you're a multifamily owner or you plan on becoming one some day, here is a short video about 11 ways to reduce expenses in your multifamily property:

The 50% Rule for Analyzing Multifamily Properties

Monday, April 24

Here is another short video I posted on our YouTube Channel for how to use the 50% rule when analyzing Multifamily properties.The 50% rule for Analyzing Multifamily Deals is a quick rule of thumb to help you go through multiple deals in a short period of time to determine which offerings are wort...