Posted about 1 year ago

Your Brain is Only As Valuable as What It Can Communicate

Your brain is only as valuable as what it can communicate.  We are all very smart and in our heads fully 'get it' and have the knowlege and ability, BUT being able communicate things properly is the tricky part.   Communication is so important in business - especially in real estate.

Your brain gets it right and your brain understands, but there are a lot of times that you're trying to communicate with people and they're just not understanding what you're saying. You know what it is in your head, but you're having a hard time articulating it and and delivering that message.

I get five emails a day that say, "I need a loan on this property" and I think, "I don't know the guy doesn't seem professional and his deal is probably not  gonna work,” but it might end up being a great deal if it was communicated to me better.

The strongest part of communication is understanding and figuring out ways to get what is in your head into someone else's head. Do whatever you have to do; make a video or a graph, send a detailed email. When you're sending emails or making phone calls, be organized. Make sure you're explaining yourself properly.

If you're trying to raise private capital or you’re trying to pitch your project to somebody, make sure they fully understand what's in it for them. This is especially helpful when you go sit down with a seller - explain the benefits of selling their property to you.

You've got to be a people person. I’m not the biggest people person, but I've learned how to communicate properly in this business. You're not going to sit behind your desk and be a real estate investor. That's just not going to happen. You need to be out there meeting people, you need to be on the streets, you need to be communicating with people regularly. Learn how to communicate, it's one of the best traits you can have.

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