Posted 12 months ago

What's your retirement plan? Some investors answers may suprise you..

Think about your retirement plan, define what you see in the future as your retirement.

So, what’s your plan? What does retirement look like for you?

This question originally came from an expert interview - where we interview entrepreneurs, business owners, and high level real estate investors and agents. (You can check these out on our youtube page).

When you retire are you going to head to the beach, throw your phone in the ocean and say "I'm done, don't bother me again"? Or are you the type of person who says "I'm never retiring" because you're doing what you love and don't consider it work?

I’m going to give you the answer that most people i’ve interviewed have given me when asked what their retirement is going to be like, and it’s actually the exact same answer I have.

It’s going to be a mixture of both. I’m certainly going to be relaxing, spending time with family, traveling and doing what I really love doing - but at the same time I’m going to work and do business. I really do enjoy working and love what I do. So who knows, maybe i’ll spend half the day working and half the day playing golf or spending time with family.

So i was wondering after everyone had the exact same answer, including myself, what the trend was. I think every person who defines retirement as a mixture of work and play, loves what they’re doing. They love being a real estate agent and helping people, flipping houses, running small businesses, etc. Maybe they want a little more freedom and flexibility but the general consensus is that everyone still wants to work and have fun doing it.

You really know that you’ve “done it” and are happy when you consider work and play the same thing. So hopefully that’s you, and if not, then what better time than now to reevaluate what you’re doing and maybe switch it up to make it better suited for you.