Posted 7 months ago

Why You Should Spend More Time Playing Offense Than Defense

Are you spending at least half your day on offensive tasks and growing your business or are you stuck inside your business doing defensive or transactional tasks on a regular basis? If you want to be successful, this is how you should break up your day.

As real estate investors and agents, we need to spend time on defense and doing transactional tasks because that’s what keeps our business going, and that is important. With that being said, you at least need to spend 50% or more of your day on growth tasks and playing offense, trying to score, spending quality time with clients and employees, and other growth marketing tasks.

If you close the deal today that’s great, congratulations, you’re getting paid today, but that’s a transactional task. This transactional task if a result of the offensive work you put in a few weeks ago to secure that deal. Keep playing offense!