Posted 5 months ago

Realistic Marketing Budgets For Real Estate

Your business' marketing budget will depend on how much time and money you want to put into it. We're giving you some advice for getting started on your marketing campaigns!

You can either put a lot of time into your marketing campaigns with a low budget by working hard on marketing efforts like canvassing, offline campaigns, or attending groups. Any marketing campaign that requires you to spend more time actually DOING things than money.

On the other side, you could spend money on things like direct mail campaigns or online advertising. Anything that doesn’t take a lot of time but requires a higher budget to run.

Ideally you want to blend the two. Spend some time on offline marketing efforts but also run some online marketing efforts that require a higher budget and you can eventually automate.

Now with any marketing budget, start small. Try one Facebook campaign, some canvassing, and maybe a direct mail piece. Then work your way up to doing more.

The key is to start small, optimize the campaign, scale it and then automate it so you can move on to the next campaign. As your budget increases, you’ll be able to spend more money.