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5 Flip-Friendly Outdoor Home DIY Projects

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You have found the perfect house to flip. It has a lot of problem areas, but it also holds a lot of financial potential for your pocketbook.

Although the home’s interiors are often prioritized by flippers and buyers alike, it doesn’t mean that the outdoor space should be ignored. After all, those areas can have a drastic effect on a potential buyer’s overall feeling about not only the home itself but also of the neighborhood.

Besides, a messy, unmaintained yard gives off the vibe that there may be other more significant home maintenance items that have been ignored, making home buyers weary.

To mitigate maintenance worries and boost the mood of shoppers, complete as many of these five easy, flip-friendly outdoor home improvement projects as you can. They can all be finished fast on your own and with only a small financial that might just pay off big time!

1 - Ditch the Drab Doorbell

Coax love at first sight with a doorway that delights. Paint the door a “neutral standout” such as deep navy blue, olive green, or pale yellow. But don’t stop there. Add substantial hardware (door lever, knocker, and kick plate) and change out the old standard plastic doorbell for one that is as beautiful and welcoming as it is functional.

This simple update can be completed in a couple of hours but is sure to leave a lasting impression.

2 - Clean the Windows and Window Wells

Play up surrounding views from the house by cleaning the windows inside and out. When the glass is clear, the interiors will seem lighter and brighter.

To reach sparkling perfection, purchase a quality mop and squeegee with a telescoping rod and swiveling head. Regular Palmolive dish soap is usually all that’s needed for detergent. However, if there are stubborn mineral stains, wet the glass and gently scrub it with fine 000 steel wool.

First, mop the window with the suds. Second, squeegee it clean. Third, don’t skip drying with a soft towel. Otherwise, you’ll see streaks.

While you’re at it, hose off the home’s siding and patio areas. A dirty home doesn’t interest buyers.

3 - Grow a Garden

We aren’t talking about planting a full-fledged garden for your house flip. That just isn’t practical or necessary. But by buying a trunkful of flowers, shrubs, or saplings and placing them in the ground, you will grow not only beauty, but interest as well.

Some inexpensive, eye-catching varieties that can be purchased at any local nursery, home improvement store, or supermarket include:

  • Geraniums or Salvia
  • Fern or Hosta
  • Flowering Crabapple or Flowering Pear

After planting, buy a couple bags of bark mulch to cover bare soil and your garden will be good to go!

4 - Welcome Wandering and Lingering

Enhance the yard’s “wandering experience” and you will see a sudden interest in home seekers.

For example, fertilize the grass so that it’s plush and green, fill the corners of the yard and cover the perimeter with trees or shrubs, trim anything overgrown, fix wobbly stepping stones and pavers, hang a hammock, and change out basic outdoor lighting with something more stylish.

If you want to take it a step further, create an outdoor eating area with a grill or fire pit, comfortable chairs, and, if you’re feeling extra motivated, possibly even build a picturesque pergola.

Allowing and encouraging buyers to wander and linger in an outdoor space is a great way to make them feel right at home.

5 - Make It Child-Friendly

Chances are pretty good that the home you are selling will be bought by someone with either kids or grandkids. Take their special interests to heart and consider adding fun and kid-friendly outdoor features.

Play it up by adding an aww-inducing tree swing, a sandbox, or set up oversized lawn games. When the kids get excited, their parents or grandparents do as well.

For more ideas on projects that pay, visit the Real Estate Elevated blog or register for a workshop in your area.