Posted 11 months ago

Trust the Process to see Progress

Doing the entire remodel myself, I constantly have to remind myself to not only be patient but to trust the process. When I first started to do the work, I would try to figure out the quickest way to get to my end goal, and a lot of times; actually every time it has been the incorrect way to attack the problem. I pride myself on being able to manage and find fixes to problems, real estate construction should be no different. From having the right tools, to doing the right construct there is no way to shorten the work. It is possible to work smarter, but I have to do better at trusting the process. 

This stems from me finishing a room in my under remodel duplex in the basement, I am finishing the drywall myself and have applied 3 coats of mud to the ceiling. It needed a fourth coat today in maybe 50% of the space, I noticed myself trying to think of excuses to not solve the problem then and there, and wondering around the room trying to figure out something else to do to avoid the issue. Finally when I told myself this is what needed to be done to complete the process, I did it, the ceiling will look much more professionally done, and all is going to be great. A small victory on the day, but I am finding myself much more satisfied when I do what I am suppose to be doing and not trying to find ways to not do them, or make myself think I do not need to do them. Future Drake, trust the process.

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  1. Thanks for sharing!