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Self Storage 101: Using Tenant Insurance to Increase Value

By Isaac Rothermel, less than a minute ago with 0 comments

What are the big operators doing to maximize return that mom & pop self storage facilities overlook? Read More

Small 1406858849 avatar sofaking


By Robbie Reutzel, about 2 hours ago with 0 comments

Problems encountered with the many "wholesalers" popping up lately. Read More

Small 1448399173 avatar investinrealtor

Choosing Your Home Flipping Strategy

By Justin Pierce, about 2 hours ago with 0 comments

Every deal is different. No one home flipping strategy works all of the time. Each deal requires careful analysis. Here was my process on this deal Read More

Small 1421593227 avatar kevinjrnietorei

How to put your first property under contract (contracts included)

By Kevin Ramirez Nieto, about 1 year ago with 32 comments

To show you how simply it is to put properties under contract and wholesale them, I leave you with my actual contract templates. Read More

Small 1445633878 avatar sabrinat

Mind Hacks That Will Increase Your Wholesaling Income 1000%

By Sabrina Taylor, 3 days ago with 4 comments

My $5,000 mistake, will make you money on every deal you do. Read More

Small 1419833381 avatar jkandas

Why Do The Wealthy Invest in MultiFamily Real Estate ?

By James K., about 2 hours ago with 0 comments

Do you know any other reasons or want to provide more feedback. Let us know ! Read More

Small 1406858849 avatar sofaking

New Year New Goals

By Robbie Reutzel, about 2 hours ago with 0 comments

Goals for the year on the investment and brokerage side. I will be posting here weekly. Read More

Small 1399354676 avatar anthonycrecco

How Crowdfunding is Changing Real Estate Investing

By Anthony Crecco, about 21 hours ago with 2 comments

Crowdfunding makes it possible to start investing with as little as a thousand dollars. The deals are pre-vetted, making them safe and open to everyon Read More

Small 1425947090 avatar adamschneider

Other than the PRICE, what's important in the DEAL?

By Adam Schneider, about 5 hours ago with 0 comments

Other than PRICE, what's important in the DEAL Read More

Small 1450906566 avatar lucasp4


By Lucas Pinto, 24 days ago with 2 comments

MillionsInYour20s Introduction Post "Read This First" Read More

Small 1399567975 avatar ukefuture
Small 1399786800 avatar jksteele

How Home Buyers Can Compete in a Hot Market

By John Steele, 9 days ago with 1 comment

Real estate markets are heating up all over the country and many home buyers are finding it difficult to compete. Read More

Small 1448386164 avatar sensefinancial

7 Life Lessons That Real Estate Will Teach You

By Dmitriy Fomichenko, 1 day ago with 2 comments

Real estate investing is not just about creating wealth; it is rather a life-long education, with every single deal teaching you a specific lesson. Read More

Small 1399027903 avatar oakdragon
Small 1455193495 avatar lancepederson

Don't Fear the Cold Call

By Lance Pederson, 1 day ago with 1 comment

Have you ever had to cold call someone? Most of us have had to do it at one time or another. It's tough but their is a trick you can use to overcome. Read More

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