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Sean Tarpenning
Leslie Pappas

How Equity & Capital Gains Are Different

By Leslie Pappas, 3 months ago with 0 comments

Capital gains taxes and equity are two real estate concepts that are sometimes misunderstood. Read More

Dana Anderson

How to Stand Out To Property Owners and Grow Your Business

By Dana Anderson, about 2 months ago with 0 comments

If you're looking to grow your property management company, look to these ways to stand out amongst the competition. Read More

Grant Greene

Time for a New York-Style Housing Fix

By Grant Greene, 11 days ago with 0 comments

As the housing shortage is beginning to ease up, NOW is the time to get ready with your finances. Read More

Sean Tarpenning
Michael Bishop

What is Apartment Syndication?

By Michael Bishop, 4 days ago with 0 comments

A high level overview of what value-add apartment syndication is. Read More

Jay Belcher

​The Sting of Tenant Problems

By Jay Belcher, 6 days ago with 0 comments

Dealing with tenants can be interesting and challenging. It takes some work and experience to figure out which requests are legitimate. Read More

Kevin Amolsch

The Secret to Happiness: It's a Choice

By Kevin Amolsch, 3 days ago with 0 comments

Happiness is a choice. Although that is true, it sure does not feel that way all the time. Read More

Chris Rawley

Investing in Real Estate vs. Investing in Agriculture

By Chris Rawley, 4 days ago with 0 comments

Savvy investors have long realized the advantages of owning tangible, income-producing assets. Like real estate, agriculture meets that criteria. Read More

Grant Greene

Illustrating Your Options

By Grant Greene, 4 days ago with 0 comments

Need a down payment for your home? It's within reach and your own power. #prioritylending #firsttimehomebuyer #mortgage #downpayment Read More

Christopher Erwin

What I Learned from Bidding on a 12-Plex

By Christopher Erwin, 14 days ago with 0 comments

We're in a *spooky* buyers mkt, so read on to ensure your next bid doesn't go straight to the *graveyard* (2017 Halloween Edition) Read More

Lucas Machado

6 Reasons to Attend Your Local REIA

By Lucas Machado, 5 days ago with 0 comments

Attending your local REIA has plenty of benefits. Make sure you're covering the right ones for your investment strategies. Read More

Bobby Montagne

What is an ALTA Statement and How Do You Read One?

By Bobby Montagne, about 2 months ago with 0 comments

Here's how to make sense of the new ALTA....The ALTA settlement statement is designed to provide uniformity within the Real Estate marketplace... Read More

Ryan Kuhlman
Sean Tarpenning

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