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Big Data in Real Estate

By Nicholas Varner, about 12 hours ago with 1 comment

Big Data, Real Estate Investing, Non-relational databases, NoSQL Read More

Small 1430326017 avatar talex1234

5 Things You Should Know About Termites

By Tiffany Alexy, about 3 hours ago with 0 comments

Termites are a concern for many homeowners, as termite infestations can cause severe damage to a property if not properly treated. Read More

Small 1448386164 avatar sensefinancial

Understand Mortgage Notes and 401k Solo Retirement Plans

By Dmitriy Fomichenko, about 3 hours ago with 0 comments

In this post, we’ll look at the basics of a mortgage note and the tax benefits of adding mortgage notes in 401k Solo retirement plans. Read More

Small 1448322965 avatar pharmerjeff

I Burned My House To The Ground.

By Jeff Rabinowitz, 5 months ago with 53 comments

You can provide a needed service to your community while getting a nice personal benefit. Please help spread this idea. Read More

Small 1399767661 avatar dwryu72

Out of State - Working w/ a Property Manager (email samples included)

By Daniel Ryu, 16 days ago with 1 comment

Your 'boots on the ground' partners have their first child the same week your property is repaired and shown! How can you help from 6,000 mi away?? Read More

Small 1448326278 avatar sterlingw

7 Ways To Becoming A Rockstar Investor

By Sterling White, about 9 hours ago with 2 comments

Reaching the top 1% as an investor. Tips newbies can use to gain knowledge of what the highly successful use Read More

Small 1448398080 avatar rmhomebuyers
Small 1448388883 avatar tag0418

What I'm Doing Now

By Simon Shih, 1 day ago with 1 comment

What I'm doing to prepare for my career in investing. Read More

Small 1445374448 avatar cortg

Who do you think you are?

By Cort Green, about 9 hours ago with 1 comment

Introduction to who I am and why I'm getting started. Read More

Small 1419699329 avatar jjpawlowski

Reasons I Chose Real Estate for My Long Term Investing Plan: #3

By JJ Pawlowski, about 6 hours ago with 0 comments

There are many reasons I chose real estate for my long term investing plan, passive income is just one of the many! And here's why... Read More

Small 1441934892 avatar kecross

6 Tips for Screening Your Investment Realtor

By Kevin Cross, about 8 hours ago with 0 comments

6 Tips to screening and finding a great Realtor to assist you with your real estate investment goals. Read More

Small 1398786055 avatar slimmatic
Small 1399502465 avatar stevenhamilton

Depreciation tax savings.

By Steven Hamilton II, about 21 hours ago with 0 comments

Depreciable item threshold increase to $2,500 Read More

Small 1399767661 avatar dwryu72

Out of State Investing? Here's how to get started (w/Pictures)

By Daniel Ryu, 2 months ago with 37 comments

A 3,000+ word step-by-step guide to find the right place to invest in when investing out of state or out of country - (w/ pictures and internet tools) Read More

Small 1444239234 avatar aicllc

What You Should Know About Investing In Real Estate Using a SDIRA

By Lamarr Baxter, 1 day ago with 1 comment

It's very important to adhere IRS rules (IRC 4975) when investing in real estate using your retirement plan to avoid penalties. Read More

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