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Successful BRRR in Dallas

By Andrew Herrig, 9 months ago with 3 comments

Dallas BRRR deal summary with numbers. Read More

Small 1477460656 avatar clintonm2
Small 1405995925 avatar c1311

How We Bring Garage Floors Back to Life

By Ciro Affronti, about 2 hours ago with 0 comments

A guide and tips on how our general contracting company re finishes garage floors and concrete surfaces. Read More

Small 1461011082 avatar a a ron

Dat first offer though!

By Aaron Smith, 5 days ago with 2 comments

I overcame my fear, and dropped my first offer. It's the only way to realize my family's dreams! Read More

Small 1476061527 avatar dfwjoe

Small Town Multifamily Properties - Worth Buying?

By Joseph Gozlan, 4 days ago with 1 comment

Pros & Cons for buying small town Multifamily Properties located in the secondary and tertiary markets Read More

Small 1399315547 avatar clemsoninvestor

How to Win Game #2 - Create Passive Cash Flow

By Chad Carson, over 2 years ago with 3 comments

I see us playing two financial games - 1)Cash-now (survival) and 2)Cash-flow (creating passive income). This article explains how to win game #2. Read More

Small 1468455103 avatar angelak9

Day 1 which in Reality is not my First date

By Angela Kriv, about 5 hours ago with 0 comments

This post outlines what we have now. 1 rented property, 2 being flipped and another one we gave an offer to. Our Farm is Florida, 55+ Communinity Read More

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Small 1398786055 avatar slimmatic
Small 1456808835 avatar dstone1999

What Every NEWBIE Should Know About Tenant Screening

By David Stone, 16 days ago with 15 comments

We hope to MOTIVATE those who are looking for a way to get started but don't know HOW. Here's our story of Success & Lessons Learned. Enjoy! Read More

Small 1451938031 avatar cain35


By Cain Wright, 1 day ago with 2 comments

The power of leverage can be a wonderful instrument, if used appropriately. Read More

Small 1448397785 avatar gwhitfi

Taking Your Own Advice is Hard

By Justin Whitfield, 1 day ago with 0 comments

Taking your own advice is sometimes harder than it would seem. Why do we sometimes ignore what we know to be good, sound advice? Read More

Small 1475983776 avatar katrinam4

What is my strategy?

By Katrina Malyn, 1 day ago with 0 comments

Don't know what your strategy will be? Need to diversify? Here's architectural classification of real estate by types of properties. Read More

Small 1413040037 avatar moshik


By Moshik Regev, 1 day ago with 0 comments

What returns really mean in real estate and what the 'right' return should be Read More

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