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Eric Black

The Background

By Eric Black, over 2 years ago with 2 comments

We've had our inspections and are locked into the property. We're scheduled to close January 12th! Read More

Ian Hoover

Have your ducks in a row

By Ian Hoover, over 2 years ago with 0 comments

Don't miss out on your next deal! Read More

Rob Cassam
Robert Varga

More home buyers opting for Jumbo Loans as rates stay low

By Robert Varga, over 2 years ago with 0 comments

Jumbo mortgages are proving to be popular as loan rates remain low, and home values continue to rise in the U.S. Read More

Jeff Rabinowitz

I Said No Before I Said Yes.

By Jeff Rabinowitz, about 3 years ago with 2 comments

Evaluating potential deals. Highest and best use may be different than what is proposed. The power of networks and partnering. Read More

Jeff Arndt

Achieving Goals Through Blogging in 2015

By Jeff Arndt, over 2 years ago with 0 comments

How blogging can help you successfully achieve your goals in 2015. Read More

Bruce Wuollet
Carla Moore

I asked for it! A Mentor/Coach for my Real Estate Business

By Carla Moore, over 2 years ago with 0 comments

A coach/mentor in real estate can be a great BOOST to a newbie.... here is my experience thus far! Read More

Greg Wake

4 Reasons NOT to a Buy a Condo.

By Greg Wake, almost 3 years ago with 2 comments

I would never buy a condo for the rest of my life, simple as that. Read More

Zachary Kruse

How Dave Ramsey Turned Me Into A Real Estate Investor

By Zachary Kruse, almost 3 years ago with 1 comment

The 5 things I learned by listening to Dave Ramsey (not necessarily his teaching). Invaluable advice for the newbs like me! Read More

Emily Du Plessis

An App That Can Save You Money In The New Year

By Emily Du Plessis, over 2 years ago with 1 comment

An app that is IRS approved that automatically tracks your mileage and allows you to deduct mileage expenses related to your business. Read More

Felicia Mallet

First Steps

By Felicia Mallet, over 2 years ago with 0 comments

Read More

Mike Cheng
Morgan Blackmore

Biz plan

By Morgan Blackmore, over 3 years ago with 3 comments

First draft business plan based on BP getting started guide. Read More

Josh Linnes

5 Things Your Broker Doesn't Want You to Know

By Josh Linnes, over 2 years ago with 0 comments

Here are five investment truths you'll never hear your broker say and why you need to know them in order to make the most of your money today. Read More

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