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Steve Rozenberg

How to Get Started Investing

By Steve Rozenberg, almost 3 years ago with 1 comment

That is what leverage is all about. The best thing you could do is get the team, create a business plan, and sit down to talk to people. Read More

Linda Smith

Flipping the Script

By Linda Smith, almost 3 years ago with 2 comments

Without cheating and looking at my profile page, what business does it sound like I am describing in this post? Read More

Justin Aymer

My Neighbor Taught Me Real Estate

By Justin Aymer, about 4 years ago with 7 comments

My neighbor gave me my first lesson in real estate. Her story changed my whole approach to housing and made me look at homes in a new light. Read More

Nathan Eberly

Keeping Focus is Key

By Nathan Eberly, almost 3 years ago with 3 comments

Investing is about Focus. Success if about Focus. My start was exciting, but losing focus lost me many years of opportunity. Read More

Beau Eckstein

How Construction Loan Draw Work with Private Money Lenders

By Beau Eckstein, almost 3 years ago with 0 comments

It’s just much like a conventional construction loan. Working with a hard money lender it’s a lot easier than working with a bank Read More

James Murr

7 Improvements to Make Before Selling Your Home

By James Murr, almost 3 years ago with 0 comments

Avoid finding yourself stuck when you're ready to sell by following these home improvements to avoid a bad home inspection! Read More

Kyle Jasey

Do you do 100% Funding?

By Kyle Jasey, almost 3 years ago with 2 comments

In this blog entry, I cover the good, the bad and the ugly of 100% funding for new investors. Read More

David Marsha
Shayna Smith

Investing in Rental Property? Weigh the Options First

By Shayna Smith, almost 3 years ago with 0 comments

For people looking to generate a source of extra income, investing in real estate can be the best thing to do. Read More

Carla Moore

Network & Appointments...Network, Network, Network

By Carla Moore, almost 3 years ago with 0 comments

late night ramble of networking and a house appointment and the usual I'm enjoying the moment.. enjoy the read and leave comments! Read More

Lior Cohen
Emily Du Plessis

House Hack Your Way to Your First Rental With These 4 Loan Products

By Emily Du Plessis, almost 3 years ago with 2 comments

Investing in rental property is possible without a large sum of money. House hack your way to investing in rentals with little money down. Read More

Beau Eckstein

Things You Should Know About Private Construction Loans

By Beau Eckstein, almost 3 years ago with 0 comments

Here are five key things you must keep in mind when seeking new construction loans from hard-money lenders Read More

Frank Iglesias

What Makes A Good Real Estate Deal?

By Frank Iglesias, almost 3 years ago with 0 comments

Finding a good deal is important in real estate investing. It’s a key factor in your success in the business. Read More

Jeff Miller

How to Read and Understand the HUD Settlement Statement

By Jeff Miller, almost 3 years ago with 0 comments

Take confusion out of your real estate closing with this step by step article detailing how to read a HUD settlement statement. Complete with photos! Read More

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