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Every Ugly House Is Worth...

By Joe Kalis, over 2 years ago with 0 comments

While Driving For Dollars, charting your activity & paying attention to certain metrics will keep you motivated AND help you determine how to adjust! Read More

Small 1399577034 avatar warrens

A work in progress

By Warren Sterling, over 2 years ago with 0 comments

I am getting closer to my 3rd 1st deal. This time I will keep the momentum going. Read More

Small 1399397657 avatar businessjohn

Private Money Lending Secured by Real Estate

By John Marion, over 2 years ago with 3 comments

Lending money to real estate investors doesn't have to be risky and you can get better than average returns from experienced investor. Read More

Small 1448398278 avatar fischem

06.07.14 Washington Landlord Association Spring Conference

By Michele Fischer, over 2 years ago with 1 comment

Debrief of the spring conference held by the WA Landlord Conference. Brandon as speaker, mini Bigger Pockets meet-up, tidbits I learned. Read More

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Small 1403988095 avatar fin savvy
Small 1399751549 avatar righttrac

“Looking at a 100 Year Old Home with NO Closets”

By Joe Petrowsky, over 2 years ago with 5 comments

One of the many challenges you can come across when renovating a home to flip. Read More

Small 1465538782 avatar torcana

The 5 Do's and Don'ts of Real Estate Investments

By Colin Murphy, over 2 years ago with 0 comments

Here are five of the best tips and most common mistakes I´ve seen during my real estate investment career. Read More

Small 1465538782 avatar torcana

10 Tips & Tricks to Maximize Real Estate Return while Minimizing Risk

By Colin Murphy, over 2 years ago with 2 comments

Making lists helps me to gather my thoughts and figure out what my priorities are. This is my top 10 tips to maximise returns while minimizing risks. Read More

Small 1401800354 avatar aaronwalker

Homeowners Association Nightmares Come True

By Aaron Walker, over 2 years ago with 0 comments

Homeowners Associations make living somewhere more pleasant, but they can also be your worst nightmare. Here are 6 cautionary tales for home buyers. Read More

Small 1470342395 avatar uncleira

My 3 Most Common UBIT Questions and Answers

By Loren Whitney, over 2 years ago with 0 comments

Leveraging your IRA with a mortgage to purchase real estate can result in taxable events. Here are the three most common questions and my answers. Read More

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Small 1399656930 avatar jasonhartman1

Pros and Cons of Section 8 Housing

By Jason Hartman, over 2 years ago with 3 comments

The Section 8 housing program has been a godsend for millions of low income tenants over the decades, but landlords are often leery. Read More

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By Barrington N., over 2 years ago with 2 comments

Persistence and follow up. Read More

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