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Brandon L.

The Beginner Investor Guide to Achieve Progress in 2015

By Brandon L., almost 3 years ago with 2 comments

The beginner investor guide (or anyone else) to achieve progress in 2015 Read More

Kevin Davidson
Kevin Davidson
Elan A.

Deal #1: The Cherry Flip ($35k in Sweat Equity)

By Elan A., almost 3 years ago with 2 comments

First live-in flip. What I've learned, and a few notes on moving forward. Read More

Michele Fischer

12.18.14 Story of a Water Leak

By Michele Fischer, almost 3 years ago with 4 comments

Story starts with tenant noticing water under paint in the walls, leads to tearing out floor and wall to find leak, ends with $800 handyman bill. Read More

Raja Hossain
Bryan Hancock
Commercial Propertysale

Consider In Regards To Best Undri.

By Commercial Propertysale, almost 3 years ago with 0 comments

The outdoor patios are specifically made with relaxing chairs offers you a great enjoyment to check out magazines. Read More

Robert Young

Creating Real Estate Notes that can be Sold

By Robert Young, almost 3 years ago with 1 comment

Create a real estate note with an investor in mind. If you create a note that only benefits the borrower you will not get the money you expect. Read More

Ian Hoover

3rd times the charm!

By Ian Hoover, almost 3 years ago with 0 comments

Patience is a virtue Read More

Tom Lane
Kim Knox
Scott Nigloschy
Dana N.

Our First Investment Property - How and Why

By Dana N., over 3 years ago with 10 comments

How and why we decided to become Real Estate Investors in buy and hold. Read More

Mike Jakobczak

How to Use Home Inspection Report to Your Advantage

By Mike Jakobczak, about 3 years ago with 3 comments

A home inspection report details everything that is right and wrong about the home. Use it to your advantage to make a profitable investment. Read More

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