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Successfully Investing In Out-Of-State Real Estate

By Kathy Stewart, 4 months ago with 4 comments

You, too can live in one invest/in another state! Read More

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Does my CPA have to be local?

By Jake Hottenrott, about 2 years ago with 1 comment

A CPA doesn't have to be local to be available to you when you need them! Read More

Small 1458670582 avatar jeets1

5 Tips and advice for a First time landlord in California

By Jeet Sangha, 9 days ago with 0 comments

Becoming a successful Landlord in California can be easy with these simple yet wonderful tips. Read More

Small 1448398680 avatar patbritton

The Hottest of the Hottest Areas to Sell Remodeled Homes in WA state

By Patrick Britton, 9 days ago with 1 comment

Looking for the hottest areas to buy a fixer-upper? I've discovered the "clusters" of remodels that sell well above asking price in no time! Read More

Small 1414984831 avatar recoachmike

10x Your Results for 2017 - The 90 Day Challenge Part 1

By Mike Husson, 9 days ago with 0 comments

Its mindset, motivation, skills and actions. Plan your work and work your plan; look at what's going well and what improvements are needed and Win! Read More

Small 1405105149 avatar emilybro

Using Google Tools to Track Mileage for Real Estate Investors

By Emily Brozovic, 10 days ago with 0 comments

How to use free Google tools to simplify your mileage tracking log. Because let's be honest, we all want those tax benefits. Read More

Small 1474209428 avatar jayb77

2017 Is All But Over

By Jay Belcher, 10 days ago with 0 comments

2017 is all but over if you haven't resolved to make it different than 2016. A few thoughts on goals and getting there. Read More

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Small 1399661300 avatar chris wyche

How To Get a 200%+ Return On a Rental Property

By Chris Wyche, 10 days ago with 1 comment

This post is about how to minimize your cash invested and maximize your returns by getting paid to buy a rental property instead of spending 25% Read More

Small 1399339491 avatar wendypatton

How to Find a Seller Now

By Wendy Patton, 18 days ago with 2 comments

While I understand that many investors prefer long-term cash flowing rental properties, my preferred investment strategy remains lease options. Wendy Read More

Small 1415677007 avatar rjsellscheap

Real Estate Investment Insurance explained

By RJ Pepino, about 2 years ago with 1 comment

Ever wonder what exactly is real estate insurance? This brief blog post explains what insurance means to property investors. Read More

Small 1430694797 avatar fredb3

Rental Property Acquisition via Non-performing notes- Birm, AL study

By Fred Boyd, 11 days ago with 1 comment

Non-performing notes can lead to very low cost on rental properties. Case study in Bmghm, AL details project, rental and multiple exit strategies- Read More

Small 1468003865 avatar daveh43

How to dodge bullets 101

By Dave Holman, 11 days ago with 0 comments

I evaluated 2 houses. One seemed to cash flow better than the other, but it was actually a trap! A trap I learned how to avoid. Read More

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