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Stocks VS Real Estate

By Sean Tarpenning, 2 days ago with 0 comments

We have practically heard it all... But here it goes again, learn the pros AND cons of stocks and real estate! Read More

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Small 1434068956 avatar ashleyw6

Second Flip Journal Part III

By Ashley Wilson, 3 days ago with 4 comments

Continuation of Part I & II Read More

Small 1446729145 avatar nbritton70

Networking: It's Work, Not a Social Gathering

By Nick Britton, 4 months ago with 4 comments

Author describes his experiences with networking, hosting a networking event and the importances of putting yourself out there. Read More

Small 1399404413 avatar nortonj

Keep an eye out for lending scammers!

By Jean Norton, about 2 months ago with 2 comments

Never pay an up-front fee to be connected with a potential lender. Here's how to spot the potential scammers. Read More

Small 1454881616 avatar thang

Episode 44.45.46 – The Handyman Special

By Thang Cao, 3 days ago with 0 comments

Episode 44-46 of 52. A noob's first year in RE investing. Read More

Small 1431696013 avatar leokingston
Small 1442864152 avatar joelr8

Step One: Getting my Real Estate Associates License

By Joel Rodriguez, 19 days ago with 9 comments

Breaking the ice taking action by getting the Real Estate Sales Associates License and some cost associated. Read More

Small 1449776039 avatar merlina
Small 1399567975 avatar ukefuture
Small 1445551475 avatar landstay

Where do I start? House is from Mars, Investment Property from Venus.

By Steven Butala, 2 months ago with 2 comments

Here is a real example where you can make tons of money at the very beginning of your career and then move on to buying and selling houses (if that’s Read More

Small 1448398478 avatar aces1
Small 1452207455 avatar arvdeals

10 Important Questions to Ask a Seller Before You Meet With Them

By Sean Edgar, 19 days ago with 6 comments

Stop wasting time dealing with non motivated sellers. Learn the top 10 questions to pull out a seller's true motivation. Read More

Small 1446934545 avatar roberts105

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Prevent Tenant Turnover on Your Investment Rental

By Robert Syfert, 13 days ago with 5 comments

Finding a perfect tenant can require a bit of luck, but there are also strategies you should know about to keep that fantastic renter in your property Read More

Small 1450381929 avatar seantarpenning

Turn-Key 101

By Sean Tarpenning, 7 days ago with 4 comments

Find out what the hype is about turn-key real estate! Read More

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