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Single Family Home Investing In Houston, Texas

By Steve Rozenberg, 6 days ago with 0 comments

The important things to consider if you are looking at investing in Single Family Homes in Houston, Texas Read More

Small 1403386319 avatar pt6776

Revealing the "Secrets" to Real Estate Investing

By Pete T., 8 days ago with 2 comments

The "Secret" is taking action. Even the best plans are useless if never acted upon. Read More

Small 1431539001 avatar madibare

How to Become Wealthier Today

By Michiel Laubscher, 7 days ago with 0 comments

Cashflow management is a challenge for households and investors. We can establish structures and systems within our Wealth Plan to capture our wealth. Read More

Small 1409776147 avatar cdnorris

Optimizing Your Website for Google's Customer

By Craig Norris, 7 days ago with 0 comments

Google Searches, Analytics, Bounce Rate, and Average Time on Page, and how it all can make or break your SERP ranking. Read More

Small 1443511259 avatar alexhaimou

How to use Google Forms to create a house inspection checklist

By Alex Halimou , 7 days ago with 0 comments

Using Google Forms you can easily create a checklist that will help you in estimating rehab costs. Read More

Small 1399694214 avatar josephdan459

Every Book Ever Recomended On The BiggerPockets Podcast

By Joseph Taybron, over 1 year ago with 8 comments

Every Book Ever Recommended On BP Read More

Small 1399588410 avatar pharmerjeff

Confessions of a Private Lender. A Chronology.

By Jeff Rabinowitz, 7 days ago with 0 comments

A chronology of my BP blog entries. Read More

Small 1399767661 avatar dwryu72

Out of State Investing? Here's how to get started (w/Pictures)

By Daniel Ryu, 15 days ago with 17 comments

A 3,000+ word step-by-step guide to find the right place to invest in when investing out of state or out of country - (w/ pictures and internet tools) Read More

Small 1412307731 avatar nicholasbaldo

Bread and Butter Rehab - Flooring

By Nick Baldo, 15 days ago with 4 comments

It won’t take long for you to understand the finishes that work for your market and those that fit within your rehab budget. Read More

Small 1440879658 avatar nbritton70

Another Year Older Another Year Wiser

By Nick Britton, 8 days ago with 0 comments

The author summarize some interesting reflections on his birthday. Read More

Small 1439990104 avatar reh1

Easy Home Improvements that Increase Rent

By Ralph Hunter, 12 days ago with 2 comments

Increase rent through DIY upgrades and improvements. Easy remodeling and renovation projects that increase your NOI and get tenants to rent longer. Read More

Small 1440972987 avatar pauls48

Will I Win Big or Fail Trying? Part III

By Paul Stout, 8 days ago with 0 comments

A step by step look at a beginning investor. Will he win, will he fail? Theres only one way to find out. Read More

Small 1399748479 avatar bcouture73


By Bob Couture, 8 days ago with 0 comments

There is a lot more work required in finding a deal than building the buyers list. Unfortunately, most new investors spend so much time on the list an Read More

Small 1437427865 avatar nicklee1

Being consistent - Don't let anything get in the way of this

By Nick Lee, 9 days ago with 1 comment

You need to be consistent. Things, even realestate related things will get in the way. You need to ensure that they do not interfere with your goals. Read More

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