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Europe trip reflection

By Huy N., 7 days ago with 0 comments

United States is still a land of opportunity - a land for dreamer and achiever Read More

Small 1429913163 avatar beckyw1

In the beginning...

By Becky Wolfe, 8 days ago with 2 comments

Our brief journey into real estate investing... the synopsis with a few tips for the newbie investor Read More

Small 1445551475 avatar landstay

Buy Under Valued Property with Direct Mail - 5 Simple Steps for 2016

By Steven Butala, about 1 month ago with 21 comments

Buy cheap property with direct mail. Buy undervalued land using direct mail. Super cheap property direct mail. Read More

Small 1448322965 avatar pharmerjeff
Small 1448323937 avatar jameswise

5 things every new real estate agent needs to do to become successful

By James Wise, 12 days ago with 4 comments

The 5 most important things a new real estate agent needs to do to become a successful real estate agent. Read More

Small 1399764806 avatar bmoore

6 Steps To Complete Your First Private Placement Offering

By Brian Moore, 16 days ago with 3 comments

Here are six steps that I recommend for new syndicators to follow in order to complete their first private placement offering. Read More

Small 1431696013 avatar leokingston
Small 1399354676 avatar anthonycrecco

What Makes a Great Real Estate Investment

By Anthony Crecco, 10 days ago with 4 comments

What questions do you have about investing in multi-family properties? Share your questions and comments directly with our team on my Facebook page. Read More

Small 1450397282 avatar jerryll
Small 1400108325 avatar woola33
Small 1447884808 avatar benrobmem

How I Made $1,500 in Three Hours, on My First Deal!!

By Ben Roberts, 11 days ago with 6 comments

I took my first leap in to wholesaling. With about 3 hours worth of work I did my first deal, made $1,500 and gained all the confidence in the world. Read More

Small 1435867588 avatar nv760

Being in a funk...

By Natalie Vega, 11 days ago with 2 comments

Being in a funk is not fun but not knowing you are in a funk is even worse. Read this blog if you need help getting out of one! Read More

Small 1453593441 avatar tonyleblanc

Home is Home

By Tony LeBlanc, 8 days ago with 0 comments

A real estate investors and landlords, we must never forget we are providing homes for people. Read More

Small 1446147398 avatar allans4

Blizzard of Liability; Tips to avoid massive lawsuit

By Allan Szlafrok, 9 days ago with 0 comments

Snowstorms are a fact of life in many parts of the country. Protecting yourself against liability should be your numberone1 priority after a storm. Read More

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