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Small 1453150446 avatar stoopidengineer

Let's Get Real about Investing in Real Estate

By Jason V., 13 days ago with 0 comments

You shouldn't invest in real estate: Laying the foundation Read More

Small 1450979525 avatar michaelmike

​Liability Insurance, Common Misconceptions and Challenges Faced

By Mike Flavin, 9 months ago with 1 comment

General liability insurance for flippers and remodel projects Read More

Small 1485097800 avatar davidv78

Infinite Return on Investment? Yeah, right!

By David Vernich, 14 days ago with 0 comments

RE Professionals who can consistently achieve a track record of success will not have any problem finding money for deals! Read More

Small 1483325467 avatar p2saint

Week 3 | Confessions of a newlywed

By Pierre Toussaint, 14 days ago with 0 comments

Pretty active week but there were more important things to attend to. This blog discusses one of the most important lessons I could learn in business. Read More

Small 1473803973 avatar ajarealty

Trusting My General Contractor

By Adam Adams, 14 days ago with 0 comments

My new GC tells me I might lose my shirt, but offers a way out for me. Do I trust him? Read More

Small 1420005885 avatar christopherm5

Outsource Your Physical Mail: Using TravelingMailbox

By Christopher Morin, 14 days ago with 0 comments

Put part of your business on autopilot by outsourcing your physical mail! Read More

Small 1440268373 avatar jimlampsig

​A Real World 1031 Exchange - Part 5: Remote Landlording

By Jim Workman, over 1 year ago with 3 comments

The first year of out-of-state landlording was not the nightmare that many predict. Read More

Small 1436469922 avatar adolfocrei
Small 1483019939 avatar seantarpenning
Small 1459044354 avatar gabrielegarciam

Military: How to buy your 1st home/investment property with no money!

By Gabriel G., 11 months ago with 8 comments

Active Duty/Veterans/National Guard/Reserve... Come learn how you can buy your first home/investment property for free and get paid doing it! Read More

Small 1403973026 avatar suremark

Doing the Math on Mortgage Notes

By Mike Hartzog, about 2 years ago with 10 comments

A brief tutorial on using basic financial formulas in MS Excel for various aspects of mortgage loan investing analysis. Read More

Small 1459044354 avatar gabrielegarciam

Practical Guide For Baltimore Area Newbies

By Gabriel G., 7 months ago with 6 comments

Great tools and advice for investing in the Baltimore area. Read More

Small 1421966035 avatar christopherk

Who the Heck AM I???

By Christopher Kelly, about 2 years ago with 4 comments

Introduction to Chris Kelly, an old fart, getting into the non-perfoming notes business. Read More

Small 1485470414 avatar joea76

Getting Into the Real Estate Game

By Joe Assad, 17 days ago with 2 comments

Do you want to achieve success is real estate, but your're just starting our and don't know where to begin? What's the first step you should make? Read More

Small 1486436953 avatar genoa2

Day 1: Business "Action" Plan

By Geno Angeloni, 16 days ago with 0 comments

Action is better than no actions but putting together a general plan of attack for your wholesaling business will help to track those actions. Read More

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