26.2 Property Investments

We Buy Houses- Fix and hold- Fix and Flip

We are a full service company from complete rebuild to property management.
We look for SFR's properties that we can fix and hold or depending on the location fix and flip. We provide a great product and our clients know that when they get a home from us, they know that it is the best. This is why we always have a waiting list of people wanting to move into our homes.
We are beginning to wholesale properties outside of normal working area to other rehabbers.
We are starting to look for apartments to add to our portfolio.
We are always looking at a wide array of creative financing, from conventional local banks to owner financing options to hard money lenders.
Whatever we decide to do it has to be a win, win, win for all parties.

  • Council Grove, Kansas


Al Mcbee

Al Mcbee
Council Grove, KS

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