17 April 2019

As a out-of-state investor based in New Jersey, I am working with Curt on multiple purchases in Memphis as buy-and-hold investment properties. As out-of-state investor from an expensive area, it is hard to find cash flowing properties close to where I live, and to seek opportunities out-of-state, it is crucial to work with someone with rich an solid neighborhood knowledge, and even more importantly, honesty and professionalism. It is very fortunate that I see what people talk about Curt and the turnkey company he is working at, on biggerpockets, and after a phone chat with Curt, I decided to start working with him hunting real estate deals. Over the span of a month I was able to lock down 3 rental properties with great prices, in solid neighborhoods, recently renovated and rent ready (or with tenants), all appraise 4k ~ 8k above where I buy for, and I have been very happy about the decision to purchase them. I would like to recommend Curt to any out-of-state investor like me, and would like to work with Curt on more deals.

16 April 2019

I have used Curt to purchase rental properties in Memphis. He is knowledgeable, dedicated and was a pleasure to work with. My purchase he assisted me with was a three home package deal. He managed the transaction with precision and we closed quickly with no issues. I would definitely use him again.