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A mission driven company, Do Good Investing, LLC is committed to providing real estate investors with the guidance and resources to build a portfolio of passive investments in rental properties. These buy and hold properties in investor advantaged areas around the US, should provide excellent positive cash flow for the investor with minimized risk, while providing quality and affordable housing for people in those communities with no deferred maintenance, usually by rehabilitating existing buildings (ie: distressed homes). 10% of our earnings are donated to social and environmental causes.

Do Good Investing Founder, Larry K. Fried, is a long time green business entrepreneur, investor in passive real estate, and an Oregon licensed real estate broker who hangs his shingle with Sixel Real Estate in Eugene, OR. His focus on doing good while doing well has always been part of his business strategy, and donating a percentage of earnings back to the community is at the core of his sustainable business practices, no matter what business he is operating in. He is also a great lover of the natural world, outdoor enthusiast, tries to be a healthy and conscious eater, and sometimes a theatre artist - mostly as an actor or director. He would love to discuss your real estate investing interest and goals.


Larry F.

Larry F.
Eugene, OR

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