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E 3 Design Shop is a Licensed General Contractor extremely interested in the design and construction of Unique Properties. Our goal is to create experiential spaces that inspire. We believe that good design and quality construction are market differentiators. We would love to talk to you about your project.

Construction Management as a Stepping Stone to Collaboration

The CM delivery method serves to better align the Contractor’s Goals with those of the Owner.

1. Fixed Fee – no markups on change orders

2. Transparency – Open book bidding and accounting allows Owner complete access to project cost records.

3. Flexibility - Allows for multiple scopes to be bid and analyzed by the CM and Owner prior to committing resulting in huge flexibility on the project scope.

4. Collaboration – Owner can use the CM Agency as his “Right Hand Man” truly representing the Owner’s best interests.

5. Non-Adversarial – Because the CM is contracted on a fixed fee, there is no arguing over change orders. This results in the CM and Owner being able to maintain a professional, non-adversarial relationship.

6. No Middle Man – Agreements with Trade Contractors and Owner are direct. This limits the possibility of a GC not paying his subs. The Owner also knows exactly what he’s paying and to whom.

7. Savings – If the CM and Owner are able to bid the project for less than the budget, all savings stay with the Owner.


Emilio Ramirez

Emilio Ramirez
Denver, CO

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