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Mentoring a select few to become market leading creative real estate investors

Freedom Mentor is the premier creative real estate investing mentoring company in the United States and Canada. Led by America's greatest real estate mentor, Phil Pustejovsky, over the past decade, the company has transformed novice investors into market leaders. People from all walks for life have joined the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program, including housewives, doctors, postal workers, professional athletes, truck drivers, attorneys, engineers, pilots, police officers, college students, and everyone in between. Their secret to success lies in the profit sharing model pioneered by Phil and his team. When the apprentice succeeds, the company succeeds too by sharing in the profits when deals close. That's the Freedom Mentor Cost. This unique approach has produced such remarkable success stories over the years that those looking for Freedom Mentor reviews almost don't believe them. But those that think Freedom Mentor is just another "real estate guru", are pleasantly surprised to discover just how different and special they are. After conducting detailed Freedom Mentor review research, they find that Freedom Mentor Phil Pustejovsky is the most successful real estate coaching firm in the industry's history and has the HUD1 settlement statements prove it.

Freedom Mentor Reviews

"Dear Phil, I'm sure you hear it all the time but, what you have created here between you, the program, and your team, is just amazing. I feel so grateful that I ran across your website while trying to investigate real estate. I have zero real estate experience and in one month I'm about to close on a $55,000 deal! It blows my mind. I surprise myself everyday with what I'm capable of now. I know I can trust walking blind, not always knowing my next steps is ok, because I have the confidence that I have best team right behind to guide me every step. Which your team has proven to me. I can't wait to find my next deal! I'm finding this quite fun actually."
-- Melissa DeMarco, Boston, MA

"I feel very blessed to have such a great Mentor like your company. What I have become, from the very beginning to what I am right now is attributed to all your encouragement. Thank you for your patience, the encouragement
and great teaching/advise which you have given
me (and all the other students). God Bless!"
-- Eleanor Wong, San Jose, CA

"Just made $12,000 on my first deal. Couldn't have ever done this deal without your company's help. The program is great. Can't wait to do my next deal."
-- Sean Terrell, Columbus, OH

"This program has absolutely change my life forever. My latest deal was over $70,000 in net profits and has allowed me to quit my 9 to 5 job. I've finally achieved my dream!"
-- Barrett Blackwell, Lithonia, GA

"Y’all are amazing. It’s as if you created your program just for me. I’m not only a better investor, I am a better person because of you. If only I would have found you sooner.”
-- Michael Lear, San Antonio, TX

"This is the greatest program ever created for teaching a real estate investor how to lead in this business. Hands down, there is no comparison."
-- Margie Jacobs, Burlington, VT

Is it to good to be true? Of course not! There's a catch to being accepted in the apprentice program. Phil and his team are very selective on who they choose to work with, applicants are put through a rigorous interview process and many are turned down. Certainly part of the reason for the tough admission requirements is that the company understands the tremendous responsibility it assumes when it takes on an apprentice to mentor and they only want to work with those who are coachable and trainable. But also, they are quite limited as to who they can put in the program for another reason. Although investing in real estate creatively is incredibly profitable, it is also a very complicated endeavor full of pitfalls and traps. In addition, there are far fewer truly motivated sellers that allow creative investing to work than the more prevalent traditional deals such as REOs, Foreclosures, Auction Properties and real estate listed agents. Therefore, it's a relatively small market and those that have mastered the art of creative investing rarely share their secrets as to avoid unwanted competition. In order to maintain the incredible success Freedom Mentor students have experienced, only those located in areas where the company doesn't already have an apprentice can get in. Some areas open up after someone graduates and for others, since the United States and Canada are big countries, there are still many openings. To apply for the Freedom Mentor program, go to the main website and click on the "Apprentice" tab. And if the company does not have opening for you at this time, you can download the Freedom Mentor Free Book or watch hours of incredible videos on the Freedom Mentor YouTube channel.


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