Huber Property Group, LLC

We sell owner financed homes & educate on the topic of private money real estate lending.

Huber Property Group, LLC (HPG) is a Greater Grand Rapids real estate investment company. Our primary goal is to provide education pertaining to a hands-off and hassle-free real estate investment strategy, specifically, private mortgage real estate lending. This investment strategy. is aimed towards those individuals who do not have the required time or desire to “flip houses” or “become a landlord”, yet still want to add more diversification to their overall portfolios via real estate.

We just don’t teach real estate investing, we do it too with our own money!

First, what we are not. We are not real estate speculators who base our investment decisions on the hope that there will be future appreciation in the market. Hoping is not a viable investment strategy, not in the real estate market or any other type of market.

Purchasing anything at market value (whether it be real estate or a stock) puts you in a risky situation right from the start, as it places you at the mercy of the market with zero equity. Keeping this point in mind, we invest only in properties that can be bought at a significant discount relative to current market values.

We expand our profit margin by purchasing the property in cash, rehabbing the property with our team of contractors, and selling the property ourselves. Where many other real estate investors falter, we are able to succeed due to the relationships we’ve built and our ability to keep many of the costs within our network.

We believe that the basic economics of the real estate market in conjunction with our strategic focus, business systems and market relationships are the foundation blocks of our sustained and continued financial success as a company. This in return results in excellent opportunities for our private mortgage clients.


Clay Huber

Clay Huber
Grand Rapids, MI

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