Rebecca Beck

17 April 2019

Amazing tax return services! Lucas Taylor took such great care in handling my paperwork with a quick and easy process. I highly recommend him as a professional in real estate investing tax preparation because of his deep knowledge of new tax laws, speed in filling, and great customer service in helping me understand the process. Thank you Lucas for making my tax year such a good experience!

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  • Maximizing Tax Benefits of an LLC
    Replied September 13, 2019
    I'll third the other tax pros... Forming an LLC will not benefit you come tax time. LLC is formed to protect your assets (LIMITED LIABILITY company). Paying yourself as a proper... See more
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  • Buy and hold equations
    Replied May 14, 2019
    @Cole Black check out the book by @Brandon Turner on real estate investing. It will directly answer these questions and many more! See more
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  • Newbie investor question
    Replied May 14, 2019
    @Mike M. I would avoid an IRA cash out as there may be a penalty depending on your age. Also, you may have to pay income tax on that cash out if it was funded with pre-tax dolla... See more
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