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Recognizing Opportunity, Delivering Results

Praxis Capital, Inc. is a real estate private equity investment firm that is committed to developing lasting relationships with our clients by assisting them in building wealth through quality real estate investments.

We see opportunity where others don't. That’s why “Recognizing Opportunity – Delivering Results” isn’t just a cheesy tagline – it’s the very core of our being. Combining a 25 year history of over 700 transactions with a proven track record of preserving our investor’s capital and delivering solid returns, Praxis has earned an enviable reputation for delivering on that commitment of results. Our long history has allowed us to experience adverse market cycles, and not just survive them, but thrive because of them.

Being a true value investor, the focus at Praxis is to implement both tactical and strategic models to acquire underperforming real estate assets that we can transform and literally “create” value through renovation and repositioning. We look hard to find properties which offer both a compelling back story and strong upside potential.

We are small enough to give our investors the individual attention that they deserve yet large enough to command industry respect. Our complete infrastructure in our markets gives us the ability to not only closely monitor our current portfolio of properties but also to respond quickly to new opportunities in a variety of geographies.

All of this simply means that by recognizing opportunities others don’t and seizing opportunities others can’t, Praxis Capital delivers extraordinary results to its clients.

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Brian Burke

Brian Burke
President / CEO
Santa Rosa, CA

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