We Help Busy People Invest In Real Estate

Crowdfunding is revolutionizing the world of real estate investing. You no longer need to chase after loans or reach deep into your pockets to invest in real estate. You also don’t have to hold the asset for several years before seeing any meaningful appreciation.

You may now crowdfund a real estate project online, after verifying the developers’ credentials of course. Benefit financially by building your own portfolio of real estate investments, and reduce your investment risk by taking part in multiple projects.

RealStarter is the only comprehensive real estate crowdfunding platform, participating in Central Texas projects while accepting investors from all over the US. Our goal is to bring you quality debt and equity deals. We use a mix of technology and old fashioned business processes to ensure the deals we present are vetted and approved by a committee of experts before listing them.

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John Blackman

John Blackman
Austin, TX

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Bryan Hancock
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